TikTok Nose Job Check – Rhinoplasty Trends on Social Media

Nose reshaping or rhinoplasty is a straightforward procedure, favored by those looking to make cosmetic changes and/or functional changes to their nose. As each nose job recovery time is different for each patient pre-and post-rhinoplasty. At Dr. Zoran Potparic, we have the best plastic surgeon in Fort Lauderdale that specializes in rhinoplasty and he is…

Rhinoplasty, preservation rhinoplasty

This young patient presented with narrow nose, difficulties with breathing (no history of trauma) and large hump; patient wanted both aesthetic and functional (breathing improvement). He was selected to have external rhinoplasty with preservation of dorsum cartilages and without lateral nasal bone osteotomies (cutting). Septoplasty, to correct septal deviation and turbinate obstruction with out-fracturing, was…

Facial Fat Grafting- Periorbital

Patient wanted correction of lower eyelid bags and dark circles. After lower eyelid surgery is completed, micro-fat and nano-fat grafts were injected over the bone and underneath the skin. Notice significant improvement of dark circles which is very likely result of stem cells which are present in nano-fat grafts in high concentration; before and 3…

Lower Blepharoplasty, Transconjuctival

This patient wanted correction of small bags and dark circles underneath eyes. Lower blepharoplasty was performed through a small incision inside the lower eyelid, fat bags were removed and muscle attachment to the bone released. Small amount of micro-fat and nano-fat grafts was added over bone surface and underneath skin to smoothen transition zone between…

Rhinoplasty- nose surgery

Patient wanted correction of the nose, rhinoplasty, in order to achieve softer, more feminine nose. Surgery was done in general anesthesia by means of open, external rhinoplasty. Before and 3 years after rhinoplasty photos are presented. Marketing

Liposuction of abdomen

This patient gained few pounds which he could not get rid off with exercise. After detailed evaluation and discussion about his goals we decided to do liposuction of abdomen and flanks. Patient’s before and 6 months after photos are presented. Marketing

Breast Augmentation with Implants

This patient with bra size  34 B wanted  breast augmentation to achieve 2 cup sizes up, 34 D. Round, smooth, high profile, silicone implants, 385 ml,  were placed underneath the muscles. Patient is shown before and 10 months after breast augmentation with 385 ml. silicone gel, high profile implants. Marketing

Brazilian Butt Lift

This patient initially wanted just liposuction of flanks, lower back and abdomen.  It took us  significant efforts to persuade her that addition of fat grafts for shaping and augmentation of hips and buttocks will create more impressive result. Liposuction of torso 360 followed with fat grafting to buttocks and hips was done in general anesthesia.…

Male breast surgery- large nipples

Male nipples are much smaller than female nipples; males with very large nipples frequently have to place a tape over nipples or ware larger shirts to avoid showing nipples. Nipple reduction surgery is very simple procedure in local anesthesia with immediate result. This patient is shown before nipple reduction and 18 months after surgery. Marketing

Nipple reduction in male patient

This patient complained that his large nipples are so visible underneath the T Shirt that he has to ware much larger shirts to cover it. We discussed nipple reduction surgery, to create significantly smaller, male nipples. Surgery was done in local anesthesia. Before  nipple reduction and 1.5 years after  reduction photos are presented. Marketing