Breast Augmentation with Implants

This patient with bra size  34 B wanted  breast augmentation to achieve 2 cup sizes up, 34 D. Round, smooth, high profile, silicone implants, 385 ml,  were placed underneath the muscles. Patient is shown before and 10 months after breast augmentation with 385 ml. silicone gel, high profile implants. Marketing

Breast Lift with Implant Replacement

This patient had breast lift and augmentation with implants approximately 12 years ago. She wanted new lift and slightly larger breasts. We selected implants volume 375 ml., smooth, gel, moderate hight profile. Vertical technique of breast lift was used. Patient is shown before and 2 years after breast lift and implants exchange. Marketing

Breast augmentation

This 23 year old patient had bra size 36A and wanted to be 2 cups sizes up. We selected smooth, round, silicone gel implant, high profile, 325 ml. Patient is shown before and 3 months after breast augmentation with silicone gel implants. Scar is placed in the breast crease. Marketing

Breast Augmentation

This 35 years old patient wanted augmentation with silicone gel implants. Her bra size was 34 B and she wanted 2 cup sizes up. We selected implants volume of 385 ml, high profile, round, smooth gel. Patient is shown before and 3 months after breast augmentation. Implant placement was underneath the muscle (dual pocket). Marketing


There is no clear correlation between brassiere cup size and breast size. There is a significant difference in the cup size between different bra manufacturers as well as between different brassiere styles of the same manufacturer. Breast implants silicone gel or saline do not come in cup sizes; they are measured in milliliters (ml.) or cubic…


This 29 years-old patient from Miami wanted replacement of her saline implants placed 10 years ago with a silicone gel implants for a “more natural feel”.  She also wanted size of her areolas to be matched; she considered her right nipple to be slightly smaller. On clinical evaluation in our Fort Lauderdale plastic surgery clinic we found…


35 years Ft. Lauderdale old nurse wanted breast enlargement and breast lift. She feels that her breasts have deflated after two pregnancies. Patient wanted correction of droopiness by means of breast lift and amoderate breast augmentation. To achieve this we selected 375 ml silicone gel implants, round, smooth and placed them underneath the muscle.  Lower breast pole incision in the breast crease was…


A 23 year old patient from Miami wanted breast augmentation with silicone implants. She was 34 B cup size and she wanted to be two cup sizes up. We selected 300 ml. high profile, smooth, round, gel implants by Sientra. Implants were placed in submuscular pockets (underneath the muscle). patient is shown before and 6…


19 years old women from Boca Raton, FL wanted breast enlargement from small B cup size to small C cup before going to college. Saline implants 300 ml were placed underneath the muscle in sub muscular pocket. Peri-areolar incision along the lower border of areola was used to place breast implants. Here she is before…


This 39 -years-old Brazilian female had multiple breast augmentations in the past 7 years. She kept increasing size of her implants until she reached 1100 ml. Her breast were touching and there was no separation between breast, a condition known as symmastia. She now decided to have a new breast surgery, this time to correct symmastia…