Breast augmentation- capsular contracture, implant exchange, capsulectomy

This 42 years old patient developed severe breast capsule contracture 15-16 years after breast augmentation with textured gel implants. She wanted implant replcement and capsulectomies since she is aware of possible complication of textured implants, ALCL. Her original breast implants were 285 ml, round, textured.  She wanted lerger, 450 ml. smooth, gel implants. Complete capsulectomy…

Breast augmentation with implants

This 28 years old patient, with bra size 34 A, wanted augmentation with silicone gel implants and cup size large C. Smooth, round, gel implants 340 ml, high profile, were placed underneath the muscle, dual pocket technique. Patient is shown before breast augmentation and over 2 years after breast enlargement with silicone gel implants. Marketing

Breast augmentation- implants exchange

This patient had breast lift and breast augmentation with implants 6 years ago. This time she wanted implants replaced with large implants to achieve more fulness in the upper poles of the breasts. Althought we discussed benefits of the new lift, which will bring her nipples in a more appropriate position, she refused lift. Her…

Breast Augmentation with Silicone Implants

Patient wanted breast augmentation with silicone implants. Her bra cup size was 34B; she wanted 2 cup sizes up to 34D.  After implant fitting procedure, which includes breast implant sizers as well as 3D simulation, we selected smooth, round, high profile implants, volume 350 ml.. Implants were placed under the muscle in general anesthesia. Patient…

Breast Augmentation After Breast Lift

This patient is an amateur competitor in bikini body building competition. She had breast lift several years ago, without implants. This time she wanted augmentation with silicone breast implants that will give her 2 cup sizes larger breast (she was 36 C/D bra cup size). Although I was in favor of doing another breast lift …

Breast Augmentation with Implants

This patient with bra size  34 B wanted  breast augmentation to achieve 2 cup sizes up, 34 D. Round, smooth, high profile, silicone implants, 385 ml,  were placed underneath the muscles. Patient is shown before and 10 months after breast augmentation with 385 ml. silicone gel, high profile implants. Marketing

Breast Lift with Implant Replacement

This patient had breast lift and augmentation with implants approximately 12 years ago. She wanted new lift and slightly larger breasts. We selected implants volume 375 ml., smooth, gel, moderate hight profile. Vertical technique of breast lift was used. Patient is shown before and 2 years after breast lift and implants exchange. Marketing