Breast augmentation- capsular contracture, implant exchange, capsulectomy


  • Breast Augmentation


This 42 years old patient developed severe breast capsule contracture 15-16 years after breast augmentation with textured gel implants. She wanted implant replcement and capsulectomies since she is aware of possible complication of textured implants, ALCL. Her original breast implants were 285 ml, round, textured.  She wanted lerger, 450 ml. smooth, gel implants. Complete capsulectomy was performed,removed implants and capsules were sent to pathology; result came negative for ALCL. A new implants were placed in  pocket underneath the muscle.  Patients photos show result before and 2 months after implant removal, full capsulectomies, new 450 ml. implants placed in new pocket to decreasre the chance of recurrent breast contracture.

Age: 42
Gender: Female

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