Breast Augmentation with Implants

This patient with bra size  34 B wanted  breast augmentation to achieve 2 cup sizes up, 34 D. Round, smooth, high profile, silicone implants, 385 ml,  were placed underneath the muscles. Patient is shown before and 10 months after breast augmentation with 385 ml. silicone gel, high profile implants. Marketing

Male breast surgery- large nipples

Male nipples are much smaller than female nipples; males with very large nipples frequently have to place a tape over nipples or ware larger shirts to avoid showing nipples. Nipple reduction surgery is very simple procedure in local anesthesia with immediate result. This patient is shown before nipple reduction and 18 months after surgery. Marketing

Nipple reduction in male patient

This patient complained that his large nipples are so visible underneath the T Shirt that he has to ware much larger shirts to cover it. We discussed nipple reduction surgery, to create significantly smaller, male nipples. Surgery was done in local anesthesia. Before  nipple reduction and 1.5 years after  reduction photos are presented. Marketing

Breast Lift with Implant Replacement

This patient had breast lift and augmentation with implants approximately 12 years ago. She wanted new lift and slightly larger breasts. We selected implants volume 375 ml., smooth, gel, moderate hight profile. Vertical technique of breast lift was used. Patient is shown before and 2 years after breast lift and implants exchange. Marketing

Breast lift after implant removal

This patient had multiple implants in the course of 40 years. She had last set of silicone gel implants placed (replaced) 2 years ago by another surgeon. She complained of severe pain in both breast and wanted to have implants removed. There were no signs of breast deformity and hardness, typical for encapsulated implants, breast…

Breast augmentation

This 23 year old patient had bra size 36A and wanted to be 2 cups sizes up. We selected smooth, round, silicone gel implant, high profile, 325 ml. Patient is shown before and 3 months after breast augmentation with silicone gel implants. Scar is placed in the breast crease. Marketing

Breast Augmentation

This 35 years old patient wanted augmentation with silicone gel implants. Her bra size was 34 B and she wanted 2 cup sizes up. We selected implants volume of 385 ml, high profile, round, smooth gel. Patient is shown before and 3 months after breast augmentation. Implant placement was underneath the muscle (dual pocket). Marketing

Breast reduction

This patient had breast reduction in her adolescence and her breasts continued to grow.  Her bra size was 40 3D. She decided to have another breast reduction 27 years later. Before and 6 months after breast reduction. Most of breast tissue reduction is done with liposuction which contributes to faster recovery and less blood loss.…

Breast fat grafts

This patient had very thin breast skin envelope due to many years of stretching with large implants. She had so low BMI that we had to harvest fat from multiple sites; approximately 200 ml of fat was injected in each breast to make skin envelope thicker and correct visible irregularities. Patient is shown before and…