Breast Augmentation After Breast Lift

Breast Augmentation After Breast Lift


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This patient is an amateur competitor in bikini body building competition. She had breast lift several years ago, without implants. This time she wanted augmentation with silicone breast implants that will give her 2 cup sizes larger breast (she was 36 C/D bra cup size). Although I was in favor of doing another breast lift  with implant augmentation (using already existing, fine scars) to tighten the breast skin, patient did not accept that proposal. We decided to proceed with implant augmentation only, using silicone, round, high profile implants, 470 ml volume. Implants were placed on top the muscle, using portion of already existing vertical scar to insert silicone implants. This placement on top of the muscle was done because patient wanted to go back to training, including some weight lifting, as soon as possible. She had enough breast tissue to cover implants properly, so from aesthetic, long term perspective, this is a good options for patients with athletic, in particular body lifting, activities. Patient is shown before breast augmentation with silicone, smooth, round, high profile, 470 ml. implants and 6 months after breast augmentation. No breast lift was performed. She recently won a first place in her age group bikini body building competition!

Age: 36
Gender: Female

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