Dr. Zoran Potparic is an internationally acclaimed, board certified surgeon, scholar and pioneer in plastic and cosmetic surgery. He has extensive education, training and experience, and has dedicated his life to helping countless women and men enhance their appearance. Dr. Potparic is highly acclaimed and an expert in facial rejuvenation, rhinoplasty, cosmetic breast surgery and body contouring plastic surgery. Dr. Potparic is well known for his concierge-level service and exceptional, natural looking results. Based in downtown Fort Lauderdale, Florida, he serves South Florida’s Gold Coast and beyond.



Breast Procedures

A womans breasts help define her femininity, and with the vast differences in shape, size...


Facial Procedures

We live in a face conscious society. With today is technology, you have options to be as attractive as you feel.

Male Plastic Surgery

A positive self-image is just as important to men as it is women. From a more balanced nose to a trimmer waistline, more...


Skin Procedures

With so many options for people seeking smooth, healthy-looking skin, it is important to select a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Potparic.

Mommy Makeover

While giving birth is a miraculous event in many women is lives, the impact it has on the body can be dramatic.

Body Procedures

Getting the body you want can be difficult. Diet and exercise are good way...

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Frequently Asked

1. Where will my procedure be performed?

Your procedure will take place in our AAAA accredited, custom-built surgery center in Fort Lauderdale. Our surgical center is located in Downtown Fort Lauderdale, just 3 blocks from Las Olas Boulevard, a popular shopping and dining area for both locals and visitors. Off-street parking is conveniently available right in front of our office. Take a virtual tour for an impression of the facility here: Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgery – Dr. Zoran Potparic Office Tour

Our exceptional care doesn’t end after surgery. You can expect a call from our RN a few hours after you arrive home. Dr. Potparic will also personally call you later that evening. Any questions or concerns you or your family members have will be addressed then. You will return to our office the day after surgery for your first post-op visit, even if it falls on a weekend, and then again about 3 days later. We want to reassure you that your recovery is going well or address complications as soon as possible.

Cosmetic surgery is performed to reshape the body to enhance a patient’s appearance and self esteem. Cosmetic surgery is usually not covered by health insurance because it is elective

It’s important to know the risks of cosmetic surgery procedures.
Possible risks or complications for any surgical procedure include:

  • Complications related to anesthesia, including pneumonia, blood clots and, rarely, death
    Infection at the incision site, which may worsen scarring and require additional surgery
  • Fluid build-up under the skin
  • Mild bleeding, which may require another surgical procedure, or bleeding significant enough to require a transfusion
  • Obvious scarring or skin breakdown, which occurs when healing skin separates from healthy skin and must be removed surgically
  • Numbness and tingling from nerve damage, which may be permanent

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