Read what some of our patients say about Dr. Zoran Potparic, one of the leading plastic surgeons in the Fort Lauderdale area.


“Dear Dr. Potparic, Maria, Liz, and Dr. Ramirez (anesthesiologist), Thank you all so much for looking after me and being so kind. I really appreciate that you are all professional and friendly and go the extra mile. My warmest regards and best wishes to all.”


“Sincere thanks for always being so kind, Maria!! From my first contact with your office, I have always received such good care from your great team, and especially you! It is rare to see people who really glow with compassion, consideration, knowledge, and desire to help (at work), but you always shine!! Thank you so much!!”


Hi, just wanted you to know that I received everything from “What’s different about you?” to “You look different!” to “You look 20 years younger.”


“Dr. Potparic, I just wanted to take the time to thank you for being so attentive and helping me through all my appointments and “good things” that I went through both before and after the surgery. Dr. Potparic, I am delighted with my results, and I wish to let you know how much happier I am now that it is truly amazing, and I have you to thank. I will be ever grateful to you. You have worked wonders, and I am glad that you helped me to get to where I’ve always wanted to be, having inner thighs, and now I do-awesome. I can’t thank you enough and I won’t hesitate to recommend you if I or anyone else I know should or could use your services. I couldn’t have asked for or wished for a better or more knowledgeable doctor. Questions were never a problem, as you were there for me before and after and you reassured me continuously on the day of the surgery. Your inspirational and supportive comments were what kept me going. Your style and how delighted you were for me on what I looked like just a week after kept me going. Danielle, you couldn’t have been more helpful or knowledgeable in helping me and answering my many questions. Thank you for scheduling the surgery for me and thank you for answering every question I had before and after I met with Dr. Potparic. Thank you for your honesty and sincerity in what you told me about the surgeries. Thank you for being so considerate and nice. THANKS!!! P.B., Miami Beach”


“I had a goal for plastic surgery: a flat stomach! I always felt embarrassed in a swim suit, slacks, or a form-fitting dress-basically anything. Someone my age, 35, shouldn’t have a huge amount of flab hanging off their stomach. I’ve tried exercise and diet over the years, but nothing seemed to work. Plastic surgery was in my thoughts, but I didn’t think I could afford it. I saw your webpage and realized that I could look into this for no charge and had nothing to lose, so I made an appointment. After my second visit, I decided to go ahead with the surgery. I met with Dr. Potparic, who was very nice and made me feel very comfortable. The location was even convenient, and the surgery went very well, and I felt the follow-up appointments were very personal and friendly. The staff was incredible. My recovery went well, and my confidence level has just soared. I can’t wait to go shopping for a new swim suit-really new clothes, now! The advantages of using your office is the high-quality convenience, and the surgeries are affordable. Dr. Potparic is first rate and treated me like a star. I am completely satisfied with my decision and would recommend it to anyone. FW, Fort Lauderdale”


“Appreciation to Dr. Potparic and staff, I’d like to express my gratitude for all your help within the last few weeks. Your willingness to accommodate all my requests is truly appreciated. Thank you for being so kind and generous to me. My family and I will always be grateful. Sincerely.”


“Greetings from Uruguay! Hope you are all doing great! I wanted to share a couple of photos from before my surgery, right after, and now a year later. (Note: The photos can be viewed in our office.) Everything that Dr. Zoran did was a complete work of art. It couldn’t have been possible without every one of your guys’ help to make it so simple for me. Thank you so much for changing my life for the better! I will never forget how much you guys did for me. Thanks.”


“Dear Dr. Potparic and staff, I am writing to thank the doctor and his staff for making a somewhat daunting experience a very enjoyable experience. I had been somewhat hesitant about elective surgery, but after having spoken to Dr. Potparic and his staff, I felt confident enough to move ahead with my surgery. I had many questions, and the doctor and especially his assistant were patient and understanding about my concerns. This, of course, helped immensely. Once again, thank you. G.C.”


“I was self conscious about having such small breasts. I read about and thought about breast augmentation, but was just too scared. But I thought about it for many years. One day, I was surfing the Internet and found Dr. Potparic’s site. After reading Dr. Potparic’s CV and the office’s Mission Statement, I decided to call and actually scheduled a free consultation. I got cold feet and canceled my first appointment. But I kept thinking about it and rescheduled for the following week. I kept the next appointment, and I’m thrilled that I did. I filled out the necessary paperwork, then met with the staff and Dr. Potparic. The staff was more than helpful and answered all of my questions. They comforted me and helped to alleviate most of my concerns. Dr. Potparic was attentive and reassuring and listened with respect to my concerns about elective surgery.”


“Dr. Potparic, please accept my thanks for being there for me and understanding my hesitation. My reservations on this surgery made my decision very difficult, but after I spoke to you, I felt more confident about undertaking such a major change, and much to my delight, I’m extremely happy with my results, and my expectations were more than met. I look forward to undertaking more facial revisions with you and your office. Thanks, J.T.”


“Dear Dr. Potparic, I was in your office a couple of weeks ago to have Botox injections. This was my first time, and I wanted to let you know I was pleasantly surprised. Not only were you fast and explained everything you were doing as you were going along, but the results were better than I had expected. There was a visible difference, and I was delighted. You have a beautiful office, and the atmosphere there is conducive to making you feel and look better. Thank you; I will be back!”


“I have known Dr. Potparic and his wife for several years. A few weeks ago, they visited my place of business and noticed a lesion on my face. They recommended I have it seen to immediately. After taking a biopsy, Dr. Potparic informed me that the lesion was malignant melanoma, which required immediate excision and possibly further treatment. If not for Dr. Potparic and his wife’s attentiveness and expertise, this condition would likely have gone untreated, possibly resulting in severe consequences or even death. I was truly impressed by Dr. Potparic and his staff, Liz and Maria, who treated me with utmost care and professionalism. Their advanced in-office facilities allowed them to provide excellent outpatient ambulatory care in a comfortable environment. Dr. Potparic performed the necessary procedures painlessly and without leaving a mark-not to mention that he quite possibly saved my life.”


“Dear Dr. Potparic, I do want to thank you again for your honest professional opinion. I felt like you were very knowledgeable, and my experience was very positive. Thank you.”


“Dear Dr. Potparic, I would like to thank you for your time and professional opinion regarding my most recent dermatological procedure on my face. The kindness shown in your evaluation and explanation, to be patient and wait for future results, is much appreciated. Thank you, again.”


“Dear Dr. Zoran Potparic and staff, we wanted to thank all of you for the excellent care and compassion you have shown us over the past two years. Words cannot begin to express our sincere gratitude.”


“We made it to Nantucket and are getting ready for a crazy summer. I spent three months in Costa Rica in a little surf town getting my leg strong (didn’t want to tell Dr. P that’s where I was headed after my last checkup; thought he would kill me!!!) I did, however, stare at the ocean and not go in the water for TWO MONTHS under his strict orders. The rehab ended with my workouts every morning on the beach, and I was running 3 miles every three days and surfing. My brother came to see me, and I decided it was time to put the leg to a final test. I spent two days over 15 hours of a grueling hike through rainforests and mountain peaks and summitted Mt. Chirripo (13,000 feet). When I stepped down from the summit, I turned to my Bro and said, “This memory officially replaced a horrible one.” Please pass this email on to Dr. P and all of your staff. This is a symbol of the amazing work you guys do every day. Very simply, without the expertise and caring of Dr. Potparic, this moment would have never happened. My scar now reminds me of a wonderful journey and a badass surgeon that made it happen. See ya next time I am in FT Laud, and tell Dr. P when I hit the Islands in the spring to have his fly rod ready. With much appreciation, Captain T.P.”


“Dear Dr. Potparic, during this unfortunate time for me and my family, I would like to thank you for being my best doctor yet. I appreciate everything. Truly yours, J.T. & Family.”


“Dear Dr. Potparic,

I want to thank you for your dedication and loyalty to BHN. I heard great things about a recent patient “Trauma Hank” so I wanted to personally thank you!

Debbie B.”


“Dear Ladies and Gentlemen:

I would like to congratulate you for the courteous attention from your staff on the 5th Floor Atrium. As I have never had to be admitted into a hospital since the birth of my last child (more than 24 years ago), I was pleasantly surprised to have received such fine treatment from the doctors who saw me, namely Dr. Ruiz, Dr. Potparic, and the doctors from infectious diseases. Each of the doctors kept me well informed and answered any and all of my questions. And, as for the nurses, PCA’s, and the nutrition staff, I give tremendous credit to them for keeping me informed, comfortable, and well feed, and I appreciate everything their hard work, namely Bernie, Daphney, Ranjeve, Sonia, Angela, Dee and the others whose names I can’t remember. All of the staff on the 5th Floor Atrium deserve a lot of credit for taking such good care of so many patients. Thank you.


Pamela C.”


“Dr. Potparic,

What an outstanding and a picture in the recent Las Olas Lifestyline magazine!

I wish you continued success in your chosen plastic surgery practice and know many will continue to reap the benefits of your knowledge and expertise.

Thanks for being available and willing to help me whenever I called over the past years.




“Dear Dr. Potparic,

North Broward Medical Center wants to thank you for providing excellent patient care and share with you the enclosed correspondence from one of your patients.

We appreciate your commitment to excellent patient care and look forward to serving you and your patients in the future.


Pauline Grant, FACHE
Chief Executive Officer”



Hello, this is Jenny C. I am extremely happy with my results. Please tell Dr. Potparic everything is coming along nicely.

Thank you,

Jenny C.”


“Dear Ms. Grant:

As an emergency medical services provider for nearly two decades in Broward County and now the Deputy Chief of Department for the largest EMS provider in the County, I wanted to share my recent experience with your facility and staff. I had the need to avail myself of North Broward Medical Center for the treatment of an accident dog bite to the face on December 7, 2009.

My experience with Chief of Emergency Medicine for Broward Health Dr. Nabil El Sanadi, the Emergency Department attending Dr. Susan Nesseleroth and the plastic surgeon Dr. Zoran Potparic were exceptional. Each of these providers was compassionate, competent and skilled. It is reassuring to know that Broward County is fortunate to have such professionals dedicated to public health. Furthermore, the interaction with all district employees from the initial encounter to discharge was an exceptional customer experience.

Please share my comments and compliments with the members of your health care team.


Todd J. LeDuc, MS, CFO, CEM
Deputy Chief of Department”