Symmastia Treatment

At the forefront of transformative Fort Lauderdale plastic surgery procedures, Dr. Zoran Potparic and his dedicated team specialize in achieving optimal results through advanced symmastia treatment. With a focus on enhancing natural beauty and restoring balance, our South Florida center for cosmetic surgery invites you to explore the possibilities of transformative change.Symmastia Treatment

Symmastia, a condition where breast implants touch in the midline, is expertly addressed by Dr. Zoran’s individualized approach and precision techniques. As pioneers in the field, we prioritize your unique needs, ensuring a tailored treatment plan that harmonizes with your anatomy. Whether you’re scheduling a consultation or gathering essential information, including details on treatment costs, our commitment to excellence is unwavering.


What Is Symmastia? 

Symmastia is a condition that occurs when breast implants touch in the midline, leading to the appearance of a uniboob or “breadloafing.” This happens when the skin and tissue between the breasts do not adequately separate the implants, causing them to merge into a single mass. Commonly referred to as “uniboob” or “kissing implants,” symmastia can be distressing for individuals seeking a natural and aesthetically pleasing breast appearance.

Symmastia Causes & Leading Factors

Symmastia can result from various factors, including:

Surgical Techniques: Improper surgical techniques, such as aggressive pocket dissection or inadequate tissue support, can contribute to symmastia.

Implant Selection: Choosing implants that are too large for a patient’s anatomy or using implants with a wide base can increase the risk of symmastia.

Patient Anatomy: Individual variations in breast anatomy, including a naturally narrow cleavage or insufficient tissue coverage, can predispose some patients to symmastia.

Impact of the Symmastia Condition

Symmastia not only affects the physical appearance of the breasts but can also have a significant emotional impact on individuals. It may lead to dissatisfaction with the results of previous breast augmentation procedures and a desire for correction to achieve a more natural and balanced appearance.

It is important to explore effective symmastia treatment options, addressing the underlying causes and providing patients with personalized solutions for optimal results.


How Symmastia Correction Surgery Works

At our South Florida practice, we employ a specialized and individualized approach to address symmastia, focusing on achieving aesthetically pleasing and natural-looking results. Our commitment to excellence in symmastia treatment involves the use of advanced surgical techniques tailored to each patient’s unique needs.

Customized Solutions:

Our Fort Lauderdale team understands that each patient is different. Our approach involves a thorough evaluation to create a customized symmastia correction treatment plan that considers the specific factors contributing to symmastia.

Precision and Expertise:

With extensive experience in plastic surgery, we offer a high level of precision and expertise in the treatment we provide. The goal is to address the condition with a gentle touch and achieve results that harmonize with the patient’s overall appearance.

Patient-Centric Care:

Our surgical techniques prioritize the patient’s well-being and satisfaction. Dr. Zoran focuses on delivering care that not only corrects symmastia but also enhances the natural beauty of the breasts.

State-of-the-Art Technology:

Our practice, embracing the latest advancements in plastic surgery technology, utilizes cutting-edge tools and equipment to ensure optimal outcomes during treatment.

Artistic Sensibility:

Our experts approach symmastia surgery with an artistic sensibility, aiming for results that seamlessly integrate with the patient’s unique physique.

Our commitment to providing effective and reliable symmastia treatment in South Florida is underlined by a dedication to staying at the forefront of advancements in plastic surgery. For more information or to schedule a consultation, please contact our office. Let us help you achieve the balanced and natural-looking results you desire.

The Recovery Following Your Symmastia Repair

Following symmastia treatment at our South Florida practice, we prioritize your comfort and well-being throughout the recovery process. Understanding that a smooth recuperation is essential for optimal results, we provide comprehensive guidance and support.

Upon completion of the symmastia correction procedure, you can expect a tailored aftercare plan designed to facilitate healing and minimize discomfort. 

Our professional and experienced team will provide detailed post-operative instructions, covering aspects such as:

Recovery Timeline: We will outline the expected timeline for your recovery, including when you can gradually resume normal activities.

Follow-Up Appointments: Regular follow-up appointments will be scheduled to monitor your progress and address any questions or concerns that may arise during the recovery period.

Physical Activity Restrictions: To promote optimal healing, there will be specific guidelines regarding physical activities and restrictions. This is to safeguard the surgical site and support a smooth recovery process.

Monitoring Healing Progress: Our team will closely monitor your healing progress, ensuring that any potential issues are identified and addressed promptly.

Our dedication to your well-being extends beyond the operating room. We encourage open communication throughout your recovery journey. Dr. Zoran and his staff are here to provide the necessary support and guidance, ensuring you feel confident and informed as you navigate the post-operative phase.

symmastia correction surgery

Your comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities, and we look forward to helping you achieve the best possible results with a seamless recovery experience. If you have any questions or concerns during your recovery, do not hesitate to reach out to our team.


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