Breast Augmentation- Implant Replacement, Breast Fat Grafting, Breast Lift

Patient had large implants placed 6 months ago by another surgeon to aquire better cleavage. In few months she found that her breasts are too big, puling on the side, areolas were streched and cleavage disappeared. She wanted smaller breast, fuller upper poles, smaller areolas and cleavage. Her 470 ml. gel implants were replaced with 325 ml. implants, breast lift was performed and medial and upper breast areas were injected with 40 ml. of fat grafts per side. Patient is shown before and after implant exchange, breast lift and breast fat grafting.

Here you see the results of Dr. Zoran Potparic working on a woman with a combination of three different breast augmentation procedures. The patient had a breast lift as well as breast fat grafting while also having a breast implant replacement procedure done. These results are amazing and are working to boost her self-confidence and image. These procedures are made available to all patients who walk through our doors and want to see similar results for their breast augmentation surgeries. If you’re interested in having these types of surgical operations done, feel free to schedule a consultation with our team today.


  • Breast Fat Grafts
  • Breast Lift


Age: 47
Gender: Female

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