A 21-year-old cosmetic surgery West Palm Beach patient wanted to find weather we can do “anything to improve his weak lower jaw”. He wanted “a more square and stronger jaw”. On preoperative evaluation in our cosmetic surgery office in Fort Lauderdale  he presented with signs of a weak, underdeveloped (hypoplastic) jaw angles which gave his face…

Facial Jaw Implants

This young man wanted stronger jaws and more masculine look. To achieve this goal, we decided to do jaw augmentation with implants; medium size jaw implants  were placed through incisions inside the mouth. Patient is shown before and 14 months after jaw augmentation with implants. Marketing

Jaw angle augmentation with implants

This patient who is a competitive body builder wanted augmentation of the jaws to create more width in his lower face and jawline. Surgery consisted of augmentation with silicone jaw angle  implants and neck lift to further define his lower jaw line. Before and 6 months after photos are presented. Marketing


This patient had a chin implant in her early twenties. Now, in her early forties, she wanted some improvement and facial rejuvenation which will not include face and neck lift. After detailed analysis of her facial bone structure and soft tissue features we concluded that she has weak, under-developed bones in middle and lower third…