Rhinoplasty- nose surgery

Patient wanted correction of the nose, rhinoplasty, in order to achieve softer, more feminine nose. Surgery was done in general anesthesia by means of open, external rhinoplasty. Before and 3 years after rhinoplasty photos are presented. Marketing

Rhinoplasty, ethnic nose surgery

This patient wanted to preserve ethnic features of her nose but did not like bulk and thickness of the tip and dorsum (bridge) of the nose. Open rhinoplasty was used to trim and refine tip cartilages, narrow the nose width, improve nose base and altogether refine and balance  the nose and create facial harmony and…


before female facial fat graft RHINOPLASTY - NOSE SURGERY 61

  PROCEDURES PERFORMED Rhinoplasty – Nose Surgery Facial Fat Grafts Fat Grafting RHINOPLASTY – NOSE SURGERY This 27 year-old patient from New Zealand presented in our office to see whether we can improve her profile with nose surgery. She was not satisfied with appearance of nose hump and she considered her nose to be too…



  PROCEDURES PERFORMED Rhinoplasty – Nose Surgery RHINOPLASTY – NOSE SURGERY An 18-year-old Boca Raton cosmetic surgery patient came to our office for consultation about nose surgery. She was mostly concerned of a “heavy tip of the nose” and small hump. She wanted her nose to be “more delicate”. On clinical presentation in our cosmetic surgery center in…


before male nose corrective surgery RHINOPLASTY 402

  PROCEDURES PERFORMED Rhinoplasty – Nose Surgery Corrective Nose Surgery RHINOPLASTY This patient is a 30-year-old male, who came into the office requesting rhinoplasty. He had a significant cartilaginous hump and a short nose to the tip, known as a parrot deformity. The “open” approach was used in reshaping the nasal tip. For this case,…


This 24 years old wanted smaller nose which will better fit her face. Rhinoplasty was done in general anesthesia with external approach. Patient is shown before and 15 months after nose surgery. Marketing


Patient is 32-years-old and wanted a subtle nose improvement, in particular refinement of the nose tip. Surgery was done under general anesthesia using open, external rhinoplasty technique. This provides the best exposure for tip cartilage adjustment and dorsum reduction. There was no postoperative pain; splint and sutures were removed 7 days after surgery. Before and…


before facial chin implants RHINOPLASTY 7

  PROCEDURES PERFORMED Rhinoplasty – Nose Surgery Facial, Chin Implants RHINOPLASTY   A 34 year-old plastic surgery Miami patient wanted correction of her nose. She was not sure whether anything else beside a “nose job” could be done to improve appearance of her lower face and profile. Our clinical evaluation showed that patient has a…