Rhinoplasty, preservation rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty, preservation rhinoplasty


  • Rhinoplasty – Nose Surgery


This young patient presented with narrow nose, difficulties with breathing (no history of trauma) and large hump; patient wanted both aesthetic and functional (breathing improvement). He was selected to have external rhinoplasty with preservation of dorsum cartilages and without lateral nasal bone osteotomies (cutting). Septoplasty, to correct septal deviation and turbinate obstruction with out-fracturing, was performed; cartilage from septum was used to further expend his narrow airway by means of spreader grafts. Patient is shown before and 7 days after rhino-septoplasty, immediately after splint removal. Notice minimal swelling, bruising, slightly wider nasal dorsum without any stigma of recent surgery; he claims that his breathing has already improved 2 times! Candidates for preservation rhinoplasty are carefully selected and at this point they still present small percentage of our rhinoplasty patient. There is no doubt that this is an emerging technique and that we will be doing more and more of this type of nose surgeries.

Age: 33
Gender: Male

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