Recovery Tips for a Lip Filler Procedure

Recovery Tips for a Lip Filler Procedure

Lip Filler Recovery Tips

At our Fort Lauderdale cosmetic surgeon’s office, we have been providing a variety of lip enhancement procedures for more than three decades. With our vast experience in this procedure, we thought it could be helpful to pass along some recovery tips and answers to general questions regarding lip fillers.  

General Lip Filler Questions

How Long Does the Procedure Take?

A lip filler procedure at our offices will take anywhere from twenty to thirty minutes, depending on the patient and specific procedure.  

Is There Anesthesia Involved?

In most cases, there is no anesthesia necessary; however, at times we do apply topical anesthesia to the area.  

How Long Do Lip Fillers Last?

Generally, lip filler results will last between six to eight weeks. There are ways to maintain and prolong results; however, filler results are not permanent.  

Recovery Tips

A lip filler procedure is fairly quick, as is the recovery. You will be able to return to most daily activities within a week of your procedure and should be completely back to normal within one to four weeks. We will provide a brief timeline of what your recovery procedure may look like. Along with following these tips, make sure to consult with your specialist and follow their recommendations.   

The First 24 Hours

For the first day following your procedure, you should avoid applying makeup or lip products to the area unless they are advised by your specialist. You may experience swelling and some discomfort to the area, which can be lessened by applying ice to the area.   

The First 48 Hours

In the first two days of your recovery, it is important to sleep with your head elevated. This will aid in any swelling and bruising you may experience. It is also important to avoid strenuous exercise and physical exertion during this time.   

Avoid saunas, steam rooms, other heated rooms such as hot yoga during this time, as they can increase chances of infection. Additionally, it is highly advised not to take blood thinners during this time and to avoid tobacco and alcohol consumption. ​  

The First Two to Four Weeks

During this time, after confirming with your specialist, you may return to normal daily activities. A great way to speed up recovery time for this, and any procedure, is to eat a healthy diet, limit foods high in sodium, and opt instead for fruits and vegetables. High sodium foods can increase swelling, while fruits and vegetables provide your body with nutrients and hydration for recovery.  

Be sure to drink plenty of water and try to get as much rest as possible. These are good habits to continue even after you have fully recovered! Hydration and healthy sleep is the most effective natural way to keep your skin youthful and vibrant.  

Usually, if not fully recovered after the first week, full recovery will occur after the second week. While rare, some patients will require a month for full recovery.  

Scheduling a Lip Filler Procedure

At our South Florida plastic surgeon’s office, we offer a host of services, including facelifts, liposuction, and cosmetic botox injectables, to name a few. Our experienced specialist, Dr. Zoran Potparic, has over three decades of experience in cosmetic procedures and will ensure you receive the results you desire.  

Contact us today to schedule an appointment with Fort Lauderdale’s leading plastic surgeon. 

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