Making a Recovery from Plastic Surgery Faster

Making a Recovery from Plastic Surgery Faster

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Faster Recovery from Plastic Surgery

After plastic surgery, recovery can be a hard thing for many patients to go through without having feelings of immobility slowly weighing on them. This is especially true if they are active and enjoy partaking in physically strenuous activities. Are you considering having a cosmetic procedure done? Do you find that the recovery from plastic surgery is holding you back from going through with it, as you would want the time away from hobbies to be minimal? Dr. Zoran Potparic is here to help!

Our Fort Lauderdale plastic surgery team has conducted countless procedures in the South Florida area and knows how to present a timeline for recovery and how you can shorten your post-plastic surgery care time through some simple tricks. Our team has seen it all and is always ready to share some of our insight wherever it may be of help to former, current, or future patients.


How Long Does It Take to Recover from Plastic Surgery

Understanding how to reduce the time for recovery from plastic surgery first requires knowing how long you can expect to be away from everyday activities. In some cases, the period for recuperation is hard to believe, and the patient may be happy to wait through the typical time. Although the timeframe for a complete plastic surgery recovery will be varied by factors such as the surgery that was conducted, any preexisting conditions that the patient may have, and many other things, there is a general timeframe that somebody can expect to be in a complete state of recovery.

These are the general recovery times for some of the most common surgeries:

Many surgeries will have different levels of care given, and some are more intrusive than others, which tends to lead to changes in the expected after-plastic surgery care time. That said, most patients can expect their surgery to decommission them from activities for about 2 weeks. Though this is a reasonably manageable time to be in recovery from plastic surgery, there are some steps that patients can take to make the process go by faster or smoother after their operations. Following the tips given by our experts at our Fort Lauderdale plastic surgery center is sure to offer the opportunity to get back to your activities faster or more comfortably.


Reducing Your Plastic Surgery Recovery Time

A plastic surgery recovery time must be something that a patient can manage and feel comfortable undergoing. If that is not the case, then following tips and tricks offered by the surgeon who performed the surgery is sure to also offer opportunities for a faster or more comfortable recovery. Follow these tips, and you may be able to go through recovery from plastic surgery faster than expected:

  • The first step is to follow the guidelines and advice given by the doctor who performed the procedure. They have likely dealt with countless cases like yours and know how to ensure a safe recovery.
  • Make daily movements that won’t hinder your recovery. This is important as it will not only keep you somewhat active during your recovery but will also be a way to ensure that your body encourages faster recovery. Your body knows it will still need to complete some basic movements.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Doing something that you feel you cannot do without hindering your recovery from plastic surgery should be avoided at all costs. Ask a friend, significant other, or family member for help performing tasks that you are not comfortable completing on your own.
  • Refrain from smoking or drinking. Nicotine and alcohol can not only prevent you from recovering faster from your plastic surgery procedure in Fort Lauderdale, but they can make the healing process more difficult on the body and lead to unsatisfactory results.
  • Eat healthily and drink plenty of water. Being in recovery means that your body is working to heal from the invasive procedure of plastic surgery. Encouraging a quicker recovery can be done by fueling your body with the proper nutrients and supplements needed for it to work perfectly.
  • Commit to follow-ups with your physician. It is possible that you are healing faster than you know and the only way to be certain is to conduct a follow-up with your surgeon to see how you are progressing in your recovery. Surgeons are the experts and should be trusted when it comes to gauging a safe recovery from cosmetic surgery.

If these tips for a better, and possibly quicker, recovery from plastic surgery are followed, then you may be surprised by how the results of your procedure can benefit you. The most important thing to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your recovery is to have your surgery conducted by a team of expert cosmetic surgeons in Fort Lauderdale that you can trust.


The Plastic Surgery Fort Lauderdale Trusts

If you are thinking of undergoing a plastic surgery operation in the South Florida area and are considering getting it done with a team in Fort Lauderdale, then be sure to get in touch with our surgery team today and inquire about availability. See our full list of procedures or read some of our cosmetic surgery articles to get further insight into all things related to your potential procedure. Our team is here for you whenever you may need them, and we are ready to help make your dream look into a reality.


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