Rules for Alcohol Before Plastic Surgery

Rules for Alcohol Before Plastic Surgery

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Rules for Alcohol Before Plastic Surgery

When preparing for plastic surgery, there are many bases to cover. Knowing how to properly prepare for plastic surgery is a must for the best results and recovery. When it comes to consuming alcohol before plastic surgery, knowing why it should be avoided and for how long it shouldn’t be consumed is a must for a successful procedure. Dr. Zoran Potparic, the best practitioner among the top plastic surgeons in Fort Lauderdale, is here to help. Here we provide insights into preparing for plastic surgery for anyone considering a procedure in the future. The Potparic plastic surgery team has years of experience in the field. We are always ready to share insights wherever they may be of some help to our current or future patients.


Why You Should Avoid Alcohol Before Surgery

There are issues to be concerned about regarding safety hazards and outcome quality following cosmetic surgery if a patient has been drinking. The question should not be, “Can you drink alcohol before plastic surgery?” It should be why consuming alcohol before plastic surgery should be avoided at all costs. Namely:

  • Anesthesia and alcohol do not mix well. This combination of drugs could interact with the alcohol still in your system and lead to dangerous side effects if the combination.
  • Alcohol dehydrates the body and affects the blood in your system negatively. These issues involve your reaction to anesthesia, but alcohol can also promote blood clotting during a procedure.
  • Dried skin from alcohol consumption can affect how your body heals after cosmetic surgery. This could lead to unwanted scarring and improper healing of the area that underwent the surgical procedure.
  • Your post-op medication for healing and pain could potentially mix with what is in your system from alcohol consumed before plastic surgery. This could be seriously dangerous and potentially life-threatening.

Now that the importance of knowing how to prepare your body for plastic surgery as far as alcohol is concerned has been established,\ let our team now analyze the proper time frame for the best results. Knowing the best time to abstain from the consumption of alcohol before your procedure for the best and safest results.


How Long Before Plastic Surgery Should You Stop Drinking Alcohol?

Simply saying that a patient should not consume alcohol before plastic surgery is a bit vague. It leaves the prime question open to interpretation, and that should not be the case as far as medical procedures are concerned. There are generally accepted guidelines for alcohol consumption that look to teach how to prepare for plastic surgery in the best way possible.

The minimum amount of time before your procedure to completely cut alcohol out of your diet is recommended to be two weeks. Not partaking in the consumption of this for as long as possible prior to surgery is recommended. Try not to consume alcohol for around a month before you are due for a procedure. If you can only abstain for two weeks, that should be enough for proper procedural and recovery processes to take place. Knowing how to get the best results from your cosmetic surgery is a very important part of the process of getting plastic surgery. So is knowing the best place to get it for results you will love.


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