• Peck Implants
  • Body Contouring


A 32-year-old male, Boca Raton cosmetic surgery patient, came to our Fort Lauderdale plastic surgery office to find out how to improve appearance of his chest “without too much gym attendance and heavy work out”. He wanted more definition and size in chest (pectoral) muscles, in particular in the upper part close to collar bone, “it has to be visible when I am in T-shirt”.

During plastic surgery consultation patient presented with symmetric chest wall and proportionally developed peck muscles (pectoralis mayor muscles) left. We discussed augmentation of chest wall and muscles with silicone pectoral implants. Patient was measured pre-operatively and silicone pectoral implants were selected to fit desired size.

His surgery, pectoral augmentation with implants was done under general anesthesia; implants were placed underneath pectoralis major muscles through a 7.5 cm (3”) long incision placed in the arm pit. His recovery was uneventful and he was back to his regular activities 7 days after surgery. He is “delighted” with his appearance in tie shirt which shows his well contoured pectoral muscles. He now goes to gym more regularly in order to keep his arm muscles in good tone and “in proportion to his pecks”. Postoperative image 1.5 years after peck implants on the right.


Age: 32
Gender: Male