• Peck Implants
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A 42-year –old teacher cosmetic surgery patient from Miami was referred to our cosmetic surgery center in Ft. Lauderdale for pectoral augmentation with silicone implants. Before consulting with us patient went to several plastic surgeons in Miami/Ft. Lauderdale/ Palm Beach area. He spends significant time in gym and is active in several sports. He was never able to develop pectoral muscles to his liking and that was the reason he opted for surgical solution. His knowledge about pectoral muscles augmentation was extensive and he was very precise in his requirements: he wanted mostly lower portion of the peck muscles augmented while in upper pole of the muscle bellow collar bone he wanted minimal enlargement.

After preoperative evaluation and preoperative measurements a custom made silicone pectoral implants were produced. Surgery was done in general anesthesia using arm-pit incision 7-8 cm long. A tight pocket was created underneath the muscle to fit the implant and to preclude rotation and displacement of the implant. Post-operatively patient was placed in west-like tight garment that he had to wear for 3 weeks. The role of garment is to reduce swelling and limit motion; he was restricted from upper body exercise for 4 weeks to avoid possible rotation or displacement of implants.

Patient’s images before left and 1 year after surgery right  are shown.

Age: 42
Gender: Male