• Symmastia


This 39 -year-old Brazilian female had multiple breast augmentations in the past 7 years. She kept increasing size of her implants until she reached 1100 ml. Her breasts were touching and there was no separation between the breasts, a condition known as symmastia. She now decided to have a new breast surgery, this time to correct symmastia and to have her breast size decreased to better fit her petite body frame.

After detailed clinical evaluation in our Fort Lauderdale, Fl. plastic surgery center, we found that her breasts are positioned very low, covering mostly upper abdomen, and that her lower breast folds (inframammary folds) are displaced. In order to correct her multiple deformities, we decided to lift the inframammary folds, decrease size of internal implant pockets (to fit smaller implants) and to create separation between left and right breast to correct symmastia.

Surgery was done in our plastic surgery center in Ft. Lauderdale in general anesthesia. It included the creation of new inframammary folds, tucking of internal breast capsule (pocket where implant is placed) in order to correct symmastia and place significantly smaller implants and correction of large breast scars. Patient was discharged home 1 hour after surgery. She was back to her normal activity in 4 days.

Patient is shown before surgery; notice huge breast for her small torso lowered due to size and weight, covering  mostly abdomen (instead of chest), symmastia and visible scars along the lower pole of both breasts. Postoperative image shows improved condition 3 months after surgery; smaller breast, more proportional to her petite frame and  lifted to their normal position on the chest. There is  correction of symmastia with clear separation between breasts. Patient refused a lift of areolas because she did not want scar around areolas.

Age: 39
Gender: Female