• Rhinoplasty – Nose Surgery
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A 51-year- old Boca Raton cosmetic surgery patient presented in our center for consultation regarding appearance of his nose as well as difficulties with breathing when running. He was a distance runner; breathing through the nose was difficult and it significantly affected his performance as a runner. His goal was to have both “external deformity of the nose” and breathing obstruction addressed in the same surgery.

Clinical evaluation demonstrated a moderate nose hump, narrow nose and retracted nostrils (left). There was significant deviation of the nose septum ( a cartilage structure that divides the inside of the nose into two nasal passages) and enlargement of the turbinates (small bones inside the nose covered with nasal lining that can swell due to allergies or other cause) which further reduced flow of air through the nose into lungs when running.

His surgery was performed in general anesthesia in our office surgery center with anesthesiologist on board. It consisted of external nose reshaping (open rhinoplasty), septoplasty (correction of deviated septum), placement of cartilage (spreader grafts) to enlarge his airway (nasal passage) and partial reduction of swollen turbinates. Retracted nostrils were corrected with a small cartilage graft placed inside the nostril to stretch the rim.

Patient experienced significant improvement in breathing within 4-6 weeks after surgery. He was very satisfied with the appearance of his nose as well. He is shown before nose surgery and nasal obstruction surgery on the left; on the right patient is shown 6 months after cosmetic and functional nose surgery. He is enjoying his running again.

Age: 51
Gender: Male