The Rules for Flying After Plastic Surgery

The Rules for Flying After Plastic Surgery

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Flying After Plastic Surgery

Traveling after surgery that includes cosmetic procedures can be a tricky subject to tackle. There are many different factors that go into assessing the timeframe after a surgery that will function as the blueprint for flying after plastic surgery. Knowing that this vital piece of information can seem like an information puzzle to many, Dr. Zoran Potparic and his team of Fort Lauderdale plastic surgery experts have created this quick guide for traveling after surgery by air. Here the questions of how soon you can fly after surgery and why flying after surgery should be addressed with seriousness will be answered. Our team has been providing these kinds of services for years in South Florida and is happy to share their insights whenever they may be of some help to people considering changing their appearance and achieving their dream look through cosmetic surgery.  


How Soon Can You Fly After Surgery from Dr. Zoran Potparic?

When discussing patient safety in surgery of a cosmetic nature,  there are many different parts that need to be covered by the practicing physician; from eating routines, alcohol consumption, and more, it can become difficult to keep up with everything. As a result of this, the topic of flying after plastic surgery can be forgotten by the patient as they struggle to keep up with all the other things they need to stay on top of. If you are considering air travel after plastic surgery, be sure to know what your situation calls for. 

In most cases, a patient flying after plastic surgery should wait at least a full week between their procedure and their departure before heading on board a plane, though this can change. If you have undergone surgery that is more intrusive, think of breast augmentation surgery, it is very important to wait the entire week. There are some instances where a surgeon will mention that less time may be needed than the standard week but if it is possible, wait all seven days. While you are flying, try to avoid all heavy lifting or other activities associated with flying that can cause strain on your body after a procedure. Waiting this amount of time and taking these precautions is important for many reasons, but what are the justifications for this period of time and lack of strenuous activity of any kind? 


Why You Should Be Careful When Flying Post Operation 

After you have undergone your surgery, you will likely hear from your surgeon that waiting this appropriate amount of time and taking certain precautionary measures is important if you are flying after plastic surgery. This is for a variety of reasons. 

Flying after surgery will separate you from your surgery provider, which means that you are not available for your follow-up following the procedure; these follow-ups are extremely important as they can be the determinant for your recovery being a complete success. Apart from the follow-up being potentially missed if you fly too early, there is the aspect of getting proper rest and recovery in the immediate days following a procedure. Even though you now have the looks that you have always dreamed of, your body will still require a regular amount of time for proper recovery to take place and for you to gain your strength back. Taking these measures when flying after plastic surgery, when coupled with the rest allotted by not taking part in physical activity that could be damaging to the recovery process, can make all the necessary difference after your operation. But to ensure that the results are absolutely to your liking, you’re going to want to contact a South Florida plastic surgery provider that you know you can trust to deliver results you will love!


Plastic Surgery Fort Lauderdale Can Trust

Dr. Zoran Potparic has years of experience in delivering amazing results for patients from his Fort Lauderdale plastic surgery center, the premier location in all of South Florida, to have cosmetic work done! If you are interested in getting the looks you’ve always dreamed of, then be sure to get in touch with our team today to start the process of booking an appointment today. Be sure to take a look at some of our previous work to get an idea of what the doctor can do for you, or feel free to read some of our other Fort Lauderdale plastic surgery articles to learn more about all things related to the field that the team services. 


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