Cosmetic Surgery Tourism

Cosmetic Surgery Tourism

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Tourism for Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery tourism is trending the media due to the recent deaths of Americans in the Dominican Republic. Many countries offer cosmetic/plastic surgery at a cheaper price whilst combining it with a vacation package. The all-inclusive plastic surgery vacation offer is quite tempting and has motivated many to travel overseas for their procedure. While there are many qualified medical practitioners around the world, it’s important to do your research on any facility and anyone you’re considering having surgery with.

Things to Consider Before Cosmetic Tourism

As with any important decision, there are things to consider before agreeing to a cosmetic tourism package:

Possible Language Barrier

There may be a language barrier between you and your doctor. A language barrier could create a misunderstanding, and it may make the process a bit difficult.

Surgery in a Foreign Environment

There are many types of viruses and bacteria around the world that may not exist in your home country. This could cause you to be more prone to infections. Other countries also have different regulations, so you may be getting surgery in an unsanitary or dirty environment. Ensure that the facility is well-kept, clean, and sanitary before agreeing to go under the knife.

The Surgeon’s Credentials

In the United States, it is highly recommended to go to a cosmetic surgery who is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons and/or American Board of Cosmetic Surgeons. Board-certified surgeons undergo extensive training and testing to certify the surgeon’s knowledge and experience. If you plan on getting surgery in another county, research the certifications and qualifications of doctors overseas to ensure that you are well-educated and in good hands.

Research, Research, Research

Research all aspects of the country you’re going to, especially if it’s a new place for you. Always research the medical success rate of the surgery in the country you’re considering. Research the doctor, the facility, the area you plan on staying, and the health conditions of the country itself. Make sure there aren’t any outstanding health notices in that country before agreeing to cosmetic surgery tourism.

Proper Arrangements

Make the appropriate arrangements for your trip, including hotel, airfare, pre-op appointment, and post-op appointment. Make sure to bring someone with you. You will need someone to be there with you during recovery, especially in a different country.

You’re Aware of What You’ve Agreed To

Getting cosmetic surgery in another country, the low price may be alluring. It’s important to make sure the procedure is a decision worth making. It might be costly to have a revision done, if needed. If something happens, will justice be served? It can be hard to verify your surgeon’s expertise, so it’s important to be smart when it comes to making this decision. There may be no legal recourse if surgical negligence by the physician or institution occurs.1


Cosmetic Surgery in Fort Lauderdale

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