5 Common Botox Myths

5 Common Botox Myths

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Common Botox Myths

Men and women around the world opt for one of the most popular skincare treatments – Botox. Despite its popularity, there are still plenty of myths about Botox. Our plastic surgery center in Fort Lauderdale is here to debunk some of these Botox myths in our very own version of MythBusters: Botox Edition.

What Is Botox? 

Botox is a drug that smooths facial wrinkles for a younger, rejuvenated appearance. It’s made from botulinum toxin type A, a toxin produced by the Clostridium botulinum bacterium. During a Botox cosmetic treatment, a licensed professional injects small amounts of Botox into specific areas of a patient’s face to achieve their desired appearance, but it’s only temporary. Patients often return periodically for additional Botox injections.


Common Misconceptions About Botox 

While there are many common myths about Botox, our board-certified plastic surgeon in Fort Lauderdale breaks down some of the misconceptions about Botox. 


Botox Myth #1 – The Results of Botox Are Immediate

One of the most common misconceptions about Botox is that the results are immediate. Unfortunately, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Patients can begin seeing the results of their cosmetic treatment within 3-5 days after the procedure. After 7-10 days, patients will notice the full results of their Botox treatment. It takes some time for Botox to work its magic, helping the facial muscles relax, inhibiting facial muscle movement to reduce fine lines and wrinkles on the face. Some patients may need one or two Botox injections for optimum results.


Botox Myth #2 – Botox Is Unsafe

For over 20 years, Botox has been used as an alternative for men and women who wish to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. This common myth about Botox being unsafe stems from the fact that the drug is created from botulinum toxin, which is also commonly tied to food poisoning. But the truth about Botox is that it’s actually derived from the protein found within the botulinum toxin, and the amount injected in the cosmetic procedure is substantially lower than what’s considered toxic to the body. 


Botox Myth #3 – Botox Is Only for Women 

This myth about Botox is absolutely untrue. Botox is a cosmetic treatment that benefits both men and women who wish to have fewer wrinkles and a younger appearance. In recent years, more men have considered Botox treatments to improve their appearance and plastic surgery for men overall is becoming more popular. 


Botox Myth #4 – Wrinkles Are the ONLY Reason for Botox

Another one of the most common myths about Botox is that the cosmetic procedure only addresses wrinkles. The truth about Botox is that it can actually be used for much more including softening the jawline, lifting eyebrows, and raising the corners of the mouth for a fuller smile. Injecting Botox in your armpits and forehead can also treat excessive sweating. 


Botox Myth #5 – Anyone Can Give Botox Injections

The most dangerous myth about Botox is that anyone can inject Botox. Although Botox is a fairly standard cosmetic treatment that is done every single day, it is still a medical treatment that should be done by a licensed healthcare professional. If you’re considering Botox, look for a certified professional.


Botox in Fort Lauderdale, 

If you are planning to get Botox done, make sure you choose a trusted and qualified doctor with experience to perform the cosmetic procedure correctly and safely. Dr. Zoran is a board-certified plastic surgeon with a staff of licensed professionals who can administer Botox to our patients.


Ready to schedule your cosmetic treatment in Fort Lauderdale? Contact us if you have questions about other Botox myths or to learn more about dermatology treatments we offer; request a consultation today.


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