• Breast Augmentation


There is no clear correlation between brassiere cup size and breast size. There is a significant difference in the cup size between different bra manufacturers as well as between different brassiere styles of the same manufacturer. Breast implants silicone gel or saline do not come in cup sizes; they are measured in milliliters (ml.) or cubic centimeters (cc.).

In order to satisfy patient desire for a certain cup size with appropriate size breast implant, plastic surgeons have developed different, most frequently very individual systems of evaluation. In our Fort Lauderdale plastic surgery office, we ask patient to put on a special surgical bra; then we put different size implants in the bra and ask patient to check size and shape with her garment on until we find size range that will fit her desired look. After that we measure patient chest, breasts and skin envelope to see which size and shape of implant will best fit her breasts.

This 35-year-old cosmetic patient from Boca Raton had a bra size 34 A or B (depending of the bra). She wanted to be a full C cup. Based on our preoperative evaluation we decided to do augmentation with 375 ml. high profile, round, smooth silicone implant. Surgery was done in general anesthesia in our outpatient surgery center. Implants were placed in submuscular pockets (underneath the muscle) using an incision just above the breast fold.

On the left image patient is shown before breast enlargement surgery. Image on the right shows patient 5 months after breast augmentation with silicone gel implants. Her current bra size is 34 C or D depending of the bra.

Age: 35
Gender: Female

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