• Breast Augmentation


A 36-year-old mother of two presents in our cosmetic surgery office in Fort Lauderdale for a consult regarding her breasts. After breast feeding two boys she noticed that her breasts became softer and smaller as if they are deflated. Her bra cup size is 34B now; she wanted to be 34C what was her cup size before pregnancies.

After clinical evaluation and measurements we discussed breast enlargement by means of silicone breast implants and a small breast lift involving a scar around areolas. After considering both options with her husband she decided for breast augmentation only, to avoid scars around areolas.

We performed her breast surgery in our office based plastic surgery facility in general anesthesia. A round moderate profile silicone gel implants 300 ml were placed underneath muscles (sub muscular pocket). A small 2.5“incision placed in the breast crease (inframammary fold) was used for breast implant placement. Her recovery was uneventful. She went back to work in 5 days.

Patient images on the left demonstrate her condition before breast enlargement surgery; images on the right are 6 months after breast augmentation with 300 ml silicone gel implants. Notice how her nipples are positioned slightly lower than what would be considered optimal (on the very top of the breast mount). If we were allowed to do a doughnut type of breast lift (as initially suggested) nipple/areola would be ½” higher. Breast with implant would not change position of nipple (lift it) even if larger breast implants were used. A peri-areolar scar (around areola) is sometimes good trade-off for a better shape.

Age: 36
Gender: Female

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