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A 37-years-old Miami plastic surgery patient came to our Fort Lauderdale cosmetic surgery center requesting body contouring surgery. He gained 15 lbs. in the past year and despite multiple efforts to lose weight with diet he was unable to lose any weight. He thought that if he could “achieve some improvement with liposuction” that could motivate him to be more efficient with his weight loss-diet.

Preoperative evaluation in our plastic surgery office demonstrated mild obesity mostly located in the chest, abdomen and back. There was also significant component of intra-abdominal fat which is typical for pot belly deformity in male patients (left).

Surgery was performed in general anesthesia supervised by a Board Certified Anesthesiologist  in our office based cosmetic surgery center in Fort Lauderdale. It involved aggressive liposuction of abdomen, flanks and back.

Before body contouring surgery (left) and 1.5 years after liposuction (suction lipectomy, body sculpting surgery) of abdomen, flanks and back (right).

Patient has lost 10 lbs. after surgery what is visible on his flat abdomen (there is no pot belly deformity).  This is a good example how cosmetic surgery can motivate patient to achieve his goal.

A profile view of the same patient before body sculpting surgery. Notice how his abdomen is protruding (pot belly deformity) due to fat accumulation inside the body (abdomen, belly) (left).

After surgery profile view demonstrates significant improvement in abdomen and flanks; however, significant improvement of “pot belly deformity” is result of patient loosing 15 lbs. With liposuction we cannot remove fat from inside the body; weight loss is the key (right).

A back view before liposuction surgery (left); 1.5 years after body contouring surgery with liposuction (right).

Notice significant improvement in the flanks (love handles) and lower back. However, weight loss of 15 lbs. after surgery is contributing significantly to this excellent result.

Age: 37
Gender: Male