How Long Does a Neck Lift Last?

How Long Does a Neck Lift Last?


Why get a neck lift unless you know that the results are long lasting and worth it?? If you are considering a neck lift procedure, you want to know if you are in good hands and you have found the best plastic surgeon in Fort Lauderdale. With that in mind, we want to make one of the most important distinctions between a bad neck lift and a good one. The question is: how long does a neck lift last?

A Full Neck Lift Lasts Longer

A well-performed neck lift will last 10 to 15 years. Experienced plastic surgeons are sure to tighten the skin, remove unwanted fatty deposits, and remove the plication of the platysmal muscle. All of these steps are necessary to ensure that your results are long lasting.

The most conclusive study suggests that neck lifts remain well-corrected at the 5.5 year mark [1]. Your neck lift will last even longer if maintained properly and performed by an experience plastic surgeon.

Mini Face Lift

If you opt for a neck lift alternative in the form of a mini face lift surgery,  your results may not last as long because the surgery is less invasive. A mini face lift lasts 2 to 5 years. Keep this mind when deciding if a neck lift procedure is right for you.

The Right Age for A Neck Lift

Just as each of us is unique, each case is different.

Some have suggested that the best time to get neck lift surgery is before 45 – 55, because most of the aging affects that lead to turkey neck occur in that 10-year period.

But healthy people get neck lifts in their 70’s as well.

Each case is considered independently. The truth is, if you are self-conscious about your jaw line, your chin or neck skin, then a neck lift can do wonders for your self-image and confidence. Take the time to talk to your cosmetic surgeon.


[1]: National Library of Medicine – How long does a face lift last? Objective and subjective measurements over a 5-year period.