Face and Neck Lift

This patient came to our office for consultation about facial rejuvenation. She wanted improvement of her heavy neck, jawline and jowls, in particular. After detailed evaluation and discussion about available options, we decided to proceed with face and neck lift. Surgery was done in twilight anesthesia and lasted proximally 3 hours. Recovery was without complications;…

Neck lift

This 30 year old patient wanted improvement of her profile. Her major complain was small, retruded chin. After thorough facial analysis we discussed need to address the neck as well. Small chin and low insertion of neck muscles have created obtuse neck; there was no definition of her jawline, as well. After extensive discussion we…


Patient wanted improvement of her tired eyes and flat cheeks. Together with lower and upper eyelid surgery we injected small amount of fat grafts (6 ml.) to each cheek and along lower eyelid cheek junction. This procedure provided stable result of cheek augmentation (about 30% of injected volume is retained after 2 years) and softened…


Patient wanted improvement of her tired eyes and forehead correction. We decided to do upper end lower eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) combined with open, hairline brow lift and cheek augmentation with fat grafting. Before and 2.5 years after surgery photos are presented. Marketing

Secondary face lift

This patient had her first face lift 7 years ago at age 62. She wanted “some refreshment” and for that reason we performed second (secondary) lower face and neck lift and placed moderate amount of micro-fat and nano- fat grafts over her cheeks, around eyes and mouth. Patient is shown before second face/neck lift and…

Neck lift

This fifty years old patient wanted small correction of the neck. Neck lift associated with conservative liposuction and jowl reduction was performed in twilight anesthesia. before and 6 months after photos are shown. Marketing

Neck Lift

This patient presented with a full neck and poorly defined jawline. After aggressive liposuction of lateral neck and along the jawline, neck lift was performed to remove deep fat deposits underneath platysma muscle and re-arrange and tighten anterior platysma muscle bands. Before and 1 year after neck lift photos are shown. Marketing

Face and Neck Lift- Secondary

This patient had her first face/neck lift done at age of 58; this was followed with her second face lift 11 years later.  Her last  face and neck lift was done in local anesthesia. She was back to work next day after surgery. Patient is presented before first and 3 days after her second face/neck…


This patient came for facial rejuvenation. After discussion about her goals and options we decided to proceed with face and neck lift. Surgery was done in twilight anesthesia. Postoperative recovery was less than 2 weeks. Before and after photos are shown. Marketing