Facial Jaw Implants

This young man wanted stronger jaws and more masculine look. To achieve this goal, we decided to do jaw augmentation with implants; medium size jaw implants  were placed through incisions inside the mouth. Patient is shown before and 14 months after jaw augmentation with implants. Marketing

Jaw angle augmentation with implants

This patient who is a competitive body builder wanted augmentation of the jaws to create more width in his lower face and jawline. Surgery consisted of augmentation with silicone jaw angle  implants and neck lift to further define his lower jaw line. Before and 6 months after photos are presented. Marketing

Neck Lift

This patient presented with a full neck and poorly defined jawline. After aggressive liposuction of lateral neck and along the jawline, neck lift was performed to remove deep fat deposits underneath platysma muscle and re-arrange and tighten anterior platysma muscle bands. Before and 1 year after neck lift photos are shown. Marketing

Face and Neck Lift- Secondary

This patient had her first face/neck lift done at age of 58; this was followed with her second face lift 11 years later.  Her last  face and neck lift was done in local anesthesia. She was back to work next day after surgery. Patient is presented before first and 3 days after her second face/neck…


This patient wanted correction of heavy upper eyelids. We performed relatively conservative upper blepharoplasty (on patient request), together with face/neck lift. Patient is shown before and 3 months after upper eyelid surgery. Marketing

Facial, Chin Implant

This 29 years old patient wanted correction of full neck and small, under-projected chin. In twilight anesthesia we performed chin augmentation with medium size extended implant and aggressive liposuction of jawline and neck. Patient is shown before and 6 months after neck liposuction and chin augmentation. Marketing

Facial, cheek implants

Patient came to have improvement of small, asymmetric mid-face and small chin. He had what is called moderate malar hypoplasia featured with a small cheek bones. Patient wanted slightly fuller, larger mid-face and stronger, masculine chin. After thorough evaluation and 3D simulation we decided to place cheek and chin implants for augmentation of both areas.…

Face and neck lift

This out of town patient wanted improvement of the neck and jawline. We decided to do face and neck lift (SMAS) in twilight anesthesia. patient is shown before and 10 months after face and neck lift. Marketing