Breast Reconstruction


There are many reasons women may visit Dr. Potparic for breast reconstruction in Fort Lauderdale, and there are a variety of options available for restoring breasts to near normal shape, size, and appearance.

Some options involve using a flap of your own tissue, called an autologous flap taken from your abdomen, back, buttocks, or other area to reconstruct your missing breast. Other options involve using a breast implant, which is an elastic silicone sac filled with sterile saline solution or silicone gel. Sometimes autologous flaps and implants are used together.

Dr. Zoran Potparic

Dr. Zoran Potparic is a board-certified plastic surgeon who has helped many plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery patients correct deformities and achieve desired results in the Fort Lauderdale and Miami area.



Women who have lost one or both breasts to cancer may desire to have their breasts reconstructed. This may be done at the same time as the breast is removed via mastectomy (immediate reconstruction) or at a later time (delayed reconstruction).

  • Type of anesthesia: general
  • Duration of surgery: 3 to 8 hours
  • Surgical facility: AAAA-certified Ambulatory Surgical Center, outpatient surgery center, hospital
  • Recovery time: 2 to 4 weeks
  • Discomfort: moderate



All breasts are naturally asymmetrical. Asymmetries can range from subtle to major that require clothing accommodations so that they are not so noticeable. These asymmetries include discrepancies in the size and shape of the breasts, a nipple-areola complex, asymmetries of the chest wall, and associated musculoskeletal anatomy. These imbalances can create emotional and psychological trauma if left untreated.

Breast asymmetries are usually classified as follows:

  • Primary asymmetries of breasts are the result of incomplete development of breast components. They vary from a complete absence of breast or areola to supernumerary nipples and accessory breasts. This group of breast asymmetries also includes chest wall deformities as a result of spinal curvature or malformed rib cage.
  • Secondary asymmetry is the most common expression of breast asymmetry. It usually develops in puberty without any prior signs of asymmetry. Such asymmetries arise from deficiency of growth or excess of growth of breasts. They are usually one-sided. Specific areas of the breast may exhibit asymmetry, particularly the lower pole of the breast and breast base. Nipple size, shape, and location can also exhibit asymmetrical patterns.
  • Tertiary asymmetries represent a variety of acquired breast deformities as a result of trauma, surgery, infection, or breast tumor. Pregnancy may also be a cause of breast asymmetry, as can breast irregularities following cosmetic breast surgery. Deflation of a breast implant will cause a significant breast asymmetry.

Before any corrective or breast reconstruction surgery is performed, asymmetries must be recognized in a careful preoperative evaluation and the patient should be extensively counseled.


The type of breast reconstruction you choose in Fort Lauderdale will depend on your body type, lifestyle factors, health, procedure risks and benefits, and personal preferences. Dr. Potparic will help you decide which procedure is best for you. For more information, or to set up a free consultation, call (954) 280-5571 or contact us online.