Calf implants

Patient came to our office requesting calf augmentation with implants. Once evaluation was completed we selected appropriate silicone implants. Using incision placed in the knee crease we placed impant underneath the muscle fascia, which created nice augmentation of the medial head of the gastrocnemious muscle. Patient is shown 4-5 months after calf augmentation with silicone …

Liposuction of abdomen

This patient gained few pounds which he could not get rid off with exercise. After detailed evaluation and discussion about his goals we decided to do liposuction of abdomen and flanks. Patient’s before and 6 months after photos are presented. Marketing

Brazilian Butt Lift

This patient initially wanted just liposuction of flanks, lower back and abdomen.  It took us  significant efforts to persuade her that addition of fat grafts for shaping and augmentation of hips and buttocks will create more impressive result. Liposuction of torso 360 followed with fat grafting to buttocks and hips was done in general anesthesia.…

Liposuction, Contouring of Torso

This patient had mild gynecomastia and mild to moderate fat deposits 9lipodystrophy) of abdomen, flanks, and lower back. Liposuction of all these areas was done in general anesthesia. Before and 6 months after photos of lipo-sculpting of torso are presented. Marketing

Brazilian Butt Lift, Revision

This patient had BBL done 4 years ago by another plastic surgeon. Despite very nice overall result, she wanted revision by means of filling concavities of lateral buttocks/hips. She claims that these areas were fuller several months after surgery but in 1 year both areas lost volume. We discussed fat graft resorption as a cause…

Liposuction of torso and thighs

Patient who is in excellent physical shape and exercises regularly, can still have problem with fat deposits in undesired areas, as was the case with this patient. Liposuction of torso (abdomen, flanks, lower back, 360) with conservative liposuction of lateral and medial (inner thighs) was done in general anesthesia. Before and 5 months after liposuction…


This patient wanted liposuction of abdomen and flanks. Liposuction of torso, 360 degrees,  including abdomen, flanks and lower back was done in general anesthesia. Patient is shown before 8 months after ” lipo 360″ surgery. Marketing