What to Know Before Considering Breast Reduction Surgery

What to Know Before Considering Breast Reduction Surgery

what to know before breast reduction surgery

Women with large and disproportional breasts tend to have pain in their back, neck, and chest and other areas due to their breast size. Before you go under the knife and achieve your desired look, there are a few things you need to consider before breast reduction surgery. Our board-certified plastic surgeon is here to inform you of everything you need to know before you get a weight lifted off your chest.

What Is Breast Reduction Surgery?

Before you undergo surgery, what exactly is breast reduction surgery? Well, breast reduction surgery is a cosmetic procedure where your surgeon reduces the size of your breasts by removing excess breast fat, tissue and skin. While some people seek breast reduction surgery for cosmetic reasons, most women choose to undergo this surgery to relieve the years of aching. When you undergo breast reduction surgery or mammaplasty, your surgeon achieves a breast size that is more proportional to your body. Men with conditions such as gynecomastia may also seek breast reduction surgery to feel more confident and reduce health issues.

Should I Get Breast Reduction Surgery?

While the decision to get breast reduction surgery is ultimately up to you, keep in mind whether or not you might be a good candidate. Patients are good candidates for breast reduction surgery if:

  • Patient is unhappy with large and heavy breasts
  • The weight of the breasts is causing back, neck, shoulder and chest pain and discomfort
  • Finding clothes that fit is difficult
  • Patient experiences chronic under-breast rashes and bra strap markings

Consider These Things Before Breast Reduction Surgery

Sure, you are going to look and feel different and more confident post-breast reduction surgery; however, you need to understand a few things before you undergo cosmetic surgery in Fort Lauderdale.

Will I scar?

You are going to scar after breast reduction surgery. Whenever you undergo any type of procedure, you can expect to experience some scarring. Your plastic surgeon is removing skin and tissue, so it’s completely normal to have more than one type of scar because there’s more than one incision. There can also be scarring around the areola and underneath your breasts. The good news is your scar will gradually fade over time, but you must be patient.

Are your breasts done growing?

Before you get breast reduction surgery, it’s important to make sure your breasts are done growing. It’s crucial that you wait until your breasts are done growing before you have breast reduction surgery because your body is still developing until you reach adulthood. On the other hand, patients who are still going through puberty but are experiencing severe problems due to their breast size may choose to undergo a breast reduction procedure.

Will I have nipple sensitivity?

If you are concerned about whether you will have nipple sensitivity post-breast reduction surgery, don’t worry! There is only a small risk of having reduced or completely absent nipple sensation. When you undergo breast reduction surgery, various nerves can be disturbed and/or cut throughout the procedure. In some cases, you might have an increase in nipple sensation.

How much does breast reduction surgery cost?

The million-dollar question is how much does breast reduction surgery cost? Well, the answer varies per person, doctor and facility. At our surgery center in Fort Lauderdale, breast reduction surgery ranges from $5,500-$6,500.

A breast reduction surgery may qualify for insurance coverage, though, if you are experiencing significant side effects due to large, heavy breasts. Insurance coverage varies case by case, so it’s best to call your insurance company.

Are You Ready to Undergo Breast Reduction Surgery?

If you are considering or are ready to undergo breast reduction surgery, please contact us today to get started. We do offer financing options for your cosmetic procedures; and now for a limited time only, receive $500 off your breast reduction surgery from July 2020 until September 2020. Take control of your life and don’t let your breasts weigh you down.