What Is Body Contouring?

What Is Body Contouring?

A Deep Dive into Body Contouring

At Dr. Zoran Potparic’s cosmetic surgery office in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, we have been providing South Florida residents with effective plastic surgery procedures for decades. As professionals, we feel the need to answer any questions regarding our procedures, and fully informing our patients allows us to keep our stellar reputation. We frequently discuss an explanation of what body contouring is. 


Who Is It For?

Body contouring can be performed on various body parts and allows individuals who wish to reshape specific areas of their bodies. Body contouring in men and women is a similar procedure, with both genders often requesting the same areas to be contoured. 


How Is the Procedure Performed?

Usually, this procedure is performed by either suturing muscles to lessen size in an area, such as tummy tuck revisions, or by inserting implants to increase or shape regions in the body, such as our breast augmentation in Fort Lauderdale. 


What Body Parts Can Be Contoured?

Now that you understand what body contouring is, you may be curious which areas can be contoured. At our plastic surgery center in Fort Lauderdale, typically, we perform contouring procedures for breasts, facial contouring, pectoral implants, and calf implants. Additionally, custom-made implants can be used to address body areas not listed above. 


Body Contouring Cost

The cost of body contouring is difficult to generalize, and prices depend on various patient-specific factors. This includes the area being contoured, the size of the implant, or the area being removed. To get an accurate estimate, we recommend contacting our specialists who can give an accurate price for the procedure you are considering. 


What Is the Body Contouring Procedure’s Duration?

Similar to a price estimate, this will depend on the exact contouring procedure you will be receiving. A majority of the body contouring in our Fort Lauderdale office lasts between two and four hours. 


What Anesthesia Is Used?

At our plastic surgery center in Fort Lauderdale, we typically use twilight or general anesthesia for these procedures. 


What Is the Recovery Time?

Recovery time for contouring tends to be fairly quick, with discomfort being mild to moderate, needing a recovery period of about one to two weeks. 



To view body contouring before and after pictures, view our real patient photo gallery.


Body Contouring in Fort Lauderdale

Our plastic surgeon Dr. Zoran Potparic has over three decades of experience in performing cosmetic surgeries. Request a free consultation today to learn more about body contouring and if it is the right procedure for you. 


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