• Thigh Lift


This 64-year-old patient from Kentucky came to our office for consultation regarding correction of severe deformity of her thighs. She lost 100 lbs. 1 year ago and she is still having problem with walking and hygiene. Although she had similar deformities of the abdomen, breast and arms her priority was to address thighs first.

We met with patient several times before surgery in plastic surgery center in Ft. Lauderdale to discuss preparation for surgery, surgery itself and, in particular, post-operative course and recovery. Her medical clearance for general anesthesia was provided by her internist.

Surgery was performed in hospital in general anesthesia. Aggressive liposuction of the inner thighs was done first followed by excision of large portion of skin from inner thighs and groin. Immediately after surgery patient was given anticoagulation treatment to avoid  formation of blood cloths in the operated extremity. Severely obese patient like this are at high risk of developing venous thrombosis after such an extensive surgery. She was kept in a hospital overnight for monitoring purpose. She continued to receive prophylactic anticoagulation therapy for 7 days after surgery. Her recovery was uneventful.

Images of the patient on the left demonstrate her condition before thigh lift surgery. Images on the right are done 8 months after thigh lift (thighplasty) surgery. Patient plans to have tummy tuck and an arm lift next.

Age: 64
Gender: Female