• Rhinoplasty – Nose Surgery
  • Corrective Nose Surgery


This 28 year old South Florida plastic surgery patient wanted surgical correction of nose (rhinoplasty). She did not like size of her nose, nose hump and droopiness of the nose tip. Our clinical evaluation demonstrated a long nose, moderate size nose hump, heavy and droopy tip. One can notice that angle between nose and lip (nasolabial angle) is too sharp what gives impression of short lip and droopy nose tip. This deformity is exaggerated when she smiles.  She also had a small septum deviation without a significant breathing problem.

Open nose surgery (external rhinoplasty) involved removal of the nose hump, rotation of nose tip (which resulted in widening of the nasolabial angle and visual lip lift), and shortening of the nose. A small muscle which pulls lip upwards and nose tip downwards when she smiles was removed through an incision inside the upper lip. Addressing all of these components in a single nose surgery created harmony and smooth transition from the forehead to the tip of the nose. Her upper lip looks more prominent, longer and fuller. We could not persuade her to have chin augmentation with implant which would further improve balance of her facial profile.

Frontal view demonstrates crooked looking nose with tip deviation and asymmetry. After nose surgery (rhinoplasty) patient demonstrates straight, smaller nose with symmetric tip. Beauty of her eyes and lips become more visible after being for years hidden in a shadow of a large nose. It should be expected from an expert nose surgeon to significantly improve facial symmetry and balance with well executed rhinoplasty.


Age: 28
Gender: Female