• Rhinophyma


A 73-years-old patient came to our Fort Lauderdale plastic surgery office for consultation regarding growth on his nose. He noticed that in the past 3-4 years tip of the nose first and then sides of the nose are slowly growing “bumpy, ugly looking flesh”. He was concerned whether that was something malignant (cancerous) and how it can be treated.

This clinical picture is typical of rhynophyma, a benign growth of the nose skin glands that happen infrequently in male patients of this age. Surgical correction of this condition includes removal of the growth by shaving of redundant tissue with a surgical blade (similar to peeling a potato).

Surgery was performed in local anesthesia in our Ft. Lauderdale plastic surgery center. Nose skin heals after surgical treatment in approximately 2-3 weeks.  Patient is shown before rhinophyma surgery (left) and 6 months after excision of rhinophyma (right)

Patient is shown with rhinophyma (benign growth of nose skin glands) before nose surgery (left) and 6 months after rhinophyma excision (right).

Notice significant difference in size and appearance of the nose.

Age: 73
Gender: Male