Plastic Surgery for Men Is Becoming the New Normal

Plastic Surgery for Men Is Becoming the New Normal

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The Normalization of Plastic Surgery for Men

Plastic surgery for men is here in a big way. We want to look our best, no matter our age, background, or story. We want to always show our best side, to put our best foot forward. A man who is young at heart, who spends his time ensuring he is the best he can be can feel at odds with an appearance that does not match his view of his inner self. More men are choosing plastic surgery as a means to make their outward appearance match their inner view of themselves.

There is No More Taboo

Men have caught on to the benefits of plastic surgery in recent years. Rather than just limiting all the perks of a nip and tuck here or there to the ladies, guys are seeing the light and finding plastic surgeons for themselves.

Plastic surgery for men is far more common than you think. Hollywood elite, rockstar legends, even comedians – men from all walks of life are seeing the light and making appointments for free consultations at their local plastic surgery office.

But why now? Why have men recently joined the plastic surgery trend? Well, why not? If there was ever a reason to look your best, we all jump to take it. We spend money on our teeth, on our clothes, on our hair; the next logical step is to spend money on our faces, necks, and pecs. Plastic surgery has advanced leaps and bounds since its early years, where surgery was far more noticeable. You can undergo a cosmetic procedure and be back on your feet in a few days with no one any the wiser.

Most Common Cosmetic Procedures for Men

There are no limits on the kinds of plastic surgery for men available at your local office, though there are some procedures that are more common than others:

Eyelid Surgery, also known as eyelid rejuvenation, is one of the most popular plastic surgeries for men in the United States. The primary goal of this surgery is to remove the bags underneath a patient’s eyes and the extra skin on the upper eyelid. Not only will this procedure improve your vision, but it will make you look much younger.

This is also such a popular plastic surgery for men because it is minimal. Some men still struggle to accept their desire to look younger, which is why most will opt for this procedure before deciding to undergo any major procedures.

Male Breast Surgery, also known as male breast reduction, is one of the most asked about procedures at Fort Lauderdale plastic surgeon offices. Men of all ages and shapes are affected by enlarged breasts, characterized by excessive fat in the glandular tissue. The procedure typically revolves around liposuction, removal of this extra fat and, in some cases, ultrasound assisted machinery as well.

Neck Lift, also known as a lower rhytidectomy, is a plastic surgery for the male jawline and one of the most popular surgeries. With one surgery, you can transform a weak chin into a powerful jawline. Men choose one of two common neck lift surgeries which yield different results.

  • A traditional neck lift is more drastic. An incision is made around the sideburns. The skin is pulled back and fat around the jawline and face is redistributed. Finally, facial muscles are tightened before the procedure is finished.
  • A limited neck lift is less drastic, and the results are subtler compared to the traditional neck lift. It involved smaller cuts around the ears and less skin pulled back to create the look of a powerful jawline.

Facelift & Facial Fillers can give patients new smiles with just a few pulls and prods. Facelifts generally involve tightening the deep layer of facial and neck muscles with some adjustments to the fat deposits around the face. Some extra contouring is necessary and achieved by injecting fat deposits and some tissue fillers back into place.

A facelift is focused more on the mid-face areas and parts of the lower-face that can include form of a neck lift as well. The older generation of men are opting to have this surgery so they can continue to look their best. Though more dramatic, this surgical procedure for men will leave you feeling 10 years younger.

Liposuction is an easy way to get ready for the summer months. Summer months mean summer bodies, so more men are opting for liposuction. Excess fat is removed with a suction device while maintaining the areas of the body that provide structure and support. There are also a number of other, less invasive procedures you can discuss with your doctor to achieve your desired result.

Final Verdict?

Men are having more plastic surgery for 2 reasons: the surgery is less noticeable and it’s more acceptable to get surgery. For men who have been on the fence for years or who were too nervous about getting surgery that would leave them looking drastically different, they can now rest easy knowing that plastic surgery has finally addressed these problems.

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