What You Need to Know About Nipple Reconstruction Surgery

What You Need to Know About Nipple Reconstruction Surgery

nipple reconstruction surgery

Nipple Reconstruction Surgery Guide

Women choose to undergo nipple reconstruction surgery for numerous reasons, including post-mastectomy reconstructive procedures. A procedure for nipple reconstruction can help to recreate the nipple, as well as the darker area surrounding the nipple. Dr. Zoran Potparic is a skilled cosmetic surgeon in Fort Lauderdale who has been performing nipple and areola surgery for many years, allowing women and men to feel confident in their skin once again. Below, our specialists and Dr. Zoran provide some important information regarding nipple reconstruction surgery, nipple correction, what you need to know, and more.

The Different Methods of Nipple Reconstruction Surgery

  • Skin Flap. In this procedure, smalls flaps of skin are folded and sutured together to build a mound that ultimately becomes the new nipple. This skin comes from the breast. A skilled plastic surgeon will be able to manipulate the skin to make it look like a natural nipple.
  • Skin Graft. If the new breast is lacking ample skin to create a nipple, a cosmetic surgeon will opt for a skin graft. The extra skin can be taken from the abdomen, inner thigh, buttocks crease, or groin area.
  • Medical Tattooing. Tattooing is a very common method that’s used to recreate the look of a nipple and areola. Without a skin flap or skin graft, a nipple tattoo will not be elevated. Therefore, a tattooed nipple can also be done on top of the new, elevated nipple area via skin graft or skin flap. In medical tattooing, the artist will use skilled, three-dimensional techniques to recreate the appearance of a real nipple. This procedure is typically performed after a breast reconstruction.

What Happens During Nipple Reconstruction Surgery?

During nipple reconstruction, a small incision is made where the nipple will be. The skin flap or skin graft will be shaped into a nipple, where small stiches will secure the mound.

Patients will be under local or twilight anesthesia during this surgery, for about 1-2 hours.

A good plastic surgeon in Fort Lauderdale, such as Dr. Zoran, understands that male breasts have different aesthetic parameters than female breasts. In men, both the areola and nipple should be smaller and positioned more laterally on the chest wall.

Post-Nipple Reconstruction Surgery

Recovery is quick after nipple reconstruction surgery. If the patient opts for the medical tattooing method, they can return to work the following day. The recovery from a skin graft is a bit longer, because the resting time depends on where the skin graft is taken from. Most flap and graft techniques only require a few days of initial rest and healing, then patients can return to work. Dr. Zoran recommends not exercising for a couple of weeks to allow for the scars from the incisions to heal.

Discomfort during and after nipple surgery is minimal; however, the nipple can feel a bit tender for a week.

The Dr. Zoran Difference

Dr. Zoran specializes in cosmetic surgery in Fort Lauderdale. Being an internationally acclaimed, board certified surgeon, he has extensive training and experience in helping countless women and men enhance their appearance and regain their confidence in their bodies. For a consultation, contact our staff at our Fort Lauderdale surgical office at 954-779-2777, or click here to contact us online.