Pandemic Plastic Surgery: COVID-19 Causing Spike in Neck Lifts and Facelifts

Pandemic Plastic Surgery: COVID-19 Causing Spike in Neck Lifts and Facelifts

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Getting Pandemic Plastic Surgery

Patients are booking their COVID-19 pandemic plastic surgeries faster than the spread of the disease. With the world under strict regulations due to COVID-19, more and more people are choosing now to get their dream bodies with the help of plastic surgery in Fort Lauderdale. But why are plastic surgeons seeing a spike in neck lifts and facelifts? 

When Is the Best Time To Get Plastic Surgery?

While you might not think the COVID-19 pandemic is the time to get plastic surgery, you’re actually wrong. Plastic surgeons are seeing a spike in neck lifts and facelifts due to the simple fact patients can recover at home while adhering to the strict pandemic restrictions. Since no one can see your whole face and you can recover at home, why not go out and get a little work done? 

As the pandemic continues to disrupt your daily routine, you might notice a few things about your appearance you want to change. With Zoom meetings, stress eating, and spending extra time examining your appearance in the mirror, your insecurities can heighten. But thankfully, plastic surgeons in Fort Lauderdale are open and ready to assist. 

Patients are seeking neck lifts and facelifts during the COVID-19 pandemic due to the fact they can hide their recovery at home and under a mask if they go out in public. If you are eager to undergo cosmetic surgery in Fort Lauderdale, now is the time. You can continue your day-to-day life while recovering in the comfort of your home and no one will know you had surgery. Patients can hide the bruising and swelling under their personal protective equipment or turn their cameras off during Zoom meetings. 

Most board-certified plastic surgeons experience a spike in plastic surgery before the holiday season. But now they are noticing the COVID-19 pandemic is doubling and even tripling their neck lifts and facelifts. Dr. Zoran and other plastic surgeons tell patients they will recover in several days and take a break from their normal routines. However, due to the novel case of coronavirus, patients don’t have to worry about the recovery process due to social distancing guidelines, mandatory face masks, working from home, and more. 

Diminish the signs of aging today with a facelift. The COVID-19 pandemic has most likely aged your face due to increased levels of stress. Tackle the problem before it worsens with a facelift. When you undergo a facelift in Fort Lauderdale, you are saying goodbye to sagging, creases, loss of muscle and volume, loose skin, and fat deposits while recovering at home. Look rejuvenated and hold your chin up high with a neck lift in South Florida. Aging, genetics, and weight fluctuations can result in weakness in the chin and neck muscles resulting in a need for a neck lift. 

Enhance your appearance and diminish your insecurities today by undergoing a neck lift or facelift. Recovery at home while the COVID-19 quarantine continues. The coronavirus won’t stop you from achieving your dream look today. Choose neck correction surgery alongside a facelift for your dream look without the hassle of recovering during the COVID-19 pandemic. Contact us today to get started on your journey to looking more youthful.    


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