• Rhinoplasty – Nose Surgery


A 23 year-old Boca Raton cosmetic surgery patient presented in our Ft. Lauderdale plastic surgery office requesting a nose surgery. She wanted her nose to be smaller, without a hump and a bulky nose tip. She thought the smaller nose will better fit her face.

Clinical analysis demonstrated a long nose with moderate nose hump and bulky, heavy nose tip. Our plan was to perform open rhinoplasty (nose surgery) which will include removal of the hump, rotation and refinement of nose tip with cartilage shaping and cartilage graft (columella strut graft). This was achieved in general anesthesia in our Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgery Center, which is AAAA Certified Office Surgery Center with full operating room, recovery room, Board Certified Anesthesiologist and RN nurses on staff.

Patient’s full face frontal images before (left) and after nose shaping surgery (right).  There is a balanced change in the length and width of the nose and a change in the tip. The shape is visible on patient’s postoperative, 1.5 year old image.

A ¾ profile view demonstrates changes achieved with external rhinoplasty (nose job, open nose surgery): shortening of the nose and rotation of the tip, slightly concave nasal dorsum and nicely projected nasal tip. All of these new features add to the harmony of the entire face.

As mentioned in previous comments this profile view of a patient before (left) and 1.5 years after surgery (right) demonstrates differences between a large vs. aesthetically pleasing nose. Well defined small nasal tip seated on the most prominent point of the nose, straight to slightly concave nasal dorsum, normal length (measured from the root of the nose to the tip) and nice lip to nose angle (nasolabial angle) with full lips and balanced chin. By aesthetic standards of Western Civilization in current time this is considered normal=beautiful nose.


Age: 23
Gender: Female