• Rhinoplasty – Nose Surgery


A 26 year old Miami plastic surgery patient came to our Fort Lauderdale cosmetic surgery center requesting a “nose job”. She complained that her nose is too big and bulky for her face.

Our evaluation demonstrated a larger nose with moderate nose hump, bulky nose tip and a “short upper lip”. This type of large nose known as a “tension nose” stretches and pulls up the upper lip sometimes to the point that patient makes an effort to keep her lips closed (not the case with this patient). She had no breathing difficulties (this type of nose deformity may be frequently associated with nasal septum deviation and airway problems) (left).

Her nose surgery consisted of open nose surgery (external rhinoplasty) which allowed us to remove nose hump and smoothen nasal dorsum as well as to lift and rotate tip of the nose to become the most prominent and highest structure of the nose. Reshaping of nasal tip cartilages and addition of cartilage tip graft taken from nasal septum allowed us to narrow and elevate nose tip into desired position.  A small muscle between upper lip and base of the nose which was pulling her lip upward and nose tip downward when she smiles was removed.

Patient images show pre (left) and 2 years postoperative result (right). Notice how well balanced her nose and upper lip are; there is a smooth transition from forehead to the tip of the nose, tip is the most prominent feature of the nose. When she smiles on postoperative image (right) her upper lip appears longer and there is no pull on the tip of the nose due to removal of the small muscle.


Age: 26
Gender: Female