• Mommy Makeover


A 28-year-old plastic surgery patient from South Miami came to our Fort Lauderdale office for a consult regarding body contouring surgery after multiple pregnancies (mommy make-over). She wanted correction of her protruding abdomen, saggy breasts and enlargement of the buttocks.

A clinical evaluation demonstrated typical signs of recent multiple pregnancies and breastfeeding:  pendulous, droopy breasts, accumulation of fat in lower abdomen, flanks and lower back and extended abdomen with weak, distended abdominal muscles. Her buttocks were small but not droopy.

Her surgery was done in our office based plastic surgery center in Fort Lauderdale. It involved breast lift with reduction of size of areolas, aggressive lipo-contouring (liposuction) of abdomen, waist and back. Aspirated fat tissue was processed into a purified fat grafts which were used for buttock augmentation. Patient was discharged home after surgery. Her recovery was without complications. She was able to fully attend to her two babies 2 weeks after surgery.

Patient is shown before mommy make-over surgery on the left; notice all signs of recent maternity discussed above. Images on the right are 5 months after body contouring surgery which included breast lift, liposuction of abdomen, flanks and back and moderate enlargement of buttocks with fat grafts

Age: 28
Gender: Female