• Liposuction


This 36-year-old plastic surgery patient from Weston, Fl. came to our office for consultation regarding prominent saddle bag deformity. She has otherwise beautiful body and legs but fullness of her thighs always bothered her.

After evaluation in our cosmetic surgery center we proposed body contouring by means of liposuction. Using a small cannulas and very conservative removal of localized fat deposits it would be possible to correct this deformity without any visible signs of surgery.

Surgery was done in twilight anesthesia. Areas to be treated with liposuction are injected with saline mixed with local anesthetic which helps to control pain and bleeding. A small amount of fat tissue, approximately 120 ml. per side was removed using suction assisted lipectomy. Patient was discharged home 1 hour after procedure.

Images on the left demonstrate a mild saddle beg deformity before surgery; images on the right are done 6 months after contouring of fat deposits of lateral thighs by means of liposuction.

Age: 36
Gender: Female