• Liposuction


A 35-year-old cosmetic surgery patient from Boca Raton presents to our Fort Lauderdale office for consultation regarding liposuction. He claims that despite exercise and diet he is unable to get rid of fat in lower abdomen and flanks (love handles).

Clinical evaluation in our plastic surgery office demonstrated mild lipodystrophy (fat deposits) in lower abdomen and lower back typical for male patients. We discussed body contouring surgery by means of aggressive liposuction of those areas.

Surgery was done in our office surgery center in general anesthesia. Aggressive lipectomy of entire abdomen, flanks, and lower back was performed using manual power assisted liposuction. An oscillating liposuction cannula was introduced between skin and muscles through a series of small incisions. A combination of manual strokes and rotation of cannula brakes fat tissue into a liquified mass which is then removed with vacuum suction (liposuction). Compressive garment is placed immediately after surgery to prevent significant postoperative swelling. Patient is typically discharged home 1 hour after surgery. Recovery is very fast (2-4 days) with generalized soreness rather than true pain.

Patient is shown before body contouring surgery on the left and 3 months after liposuction of abdomen and flanks right.

Age: 35
Gender: Male