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Do You Have a Beautiful Nose?

Category: In Your Face for $400, Alex. The first facial feature you notice when you look in the mirror. What is a nose? Ding, ding, ding! You guessed it; a majority of the time it’s the nose. One’s nose has such an impact on how your face is perceived – you could go from hobbit to Cindy Crawford with a simple nose fix.

My dear friend, roommate of several years, had a deviated septum and believed that her nose was big. She, in particular, didn’t like a hump on her nose or the round, bulky, droopy tip that seemed to haunt her. I always thought that she had a decent nose. It is slightly bigger, but it fits her face perfectly. She has a strong facial structure, full lips, and is 5’8” tall. To me and countless swooning men, she’s beautiful! She may have lost her calling as a model or a Real Housewife of Fort Lauderdale. My view changed when I tagged along with her for a pre-op consultation for rhinoplasty at a popular plastic surgery center in Fort Lauderdale.

The reasons for choosing rhinoplasty varies from person to person. It could be a medical reason such as a deviated septum, which is a case that many rhinoplasty candidates have when they’re opting for corrective nose surgery. Deviated septums are a condition in which the nasal septum (the bone and cartilage that divide the nasal cavity of the nose in half) is significantly off-center or crooked, making it difficult to breathe. It could also be a physical concern for the person opting for surgery.

Explaining her surgery in detail, Dr. Potparic was planning to remove a small portion of the nose hump (the lump on the nose where the bones meet the cartilage) and make the tip of the nose more refined. Part two would be going inside of her nose and removing a portion of her septum to improve breathing.

Dr. Zoran Potparic opened my eyes to the potential my face (and others) could truly have. While in the consult, I was blown away by the vast knowledge of the doctor. It was as if the Encyclopedia Britannica had exploded at 1116 East Broward Blvd. While addressing the usual concerns and questions, Dr. Potparic – a board-certified member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and nose specialist – gave his answer to a popular question regarding rhinoplasty.

Is my nose beautiful?

Should You Get Nose Surgery?

“When making a decision about what kind of nose would best fit a patient’s face and what a surgeon can create out of the given nose structure, one has to consider multiple factors.” Dr. Potparic says. “We must focus on the patient’s primary area of concern but also features and specific ideals typical for their particular ethnic group, sex, and age characteristic. I must also evaluate nasofacial proportions such as the length of nose (long vs. short nose), smooth and straight (nasal dorsum vs. hump on the dorsum), lip and nose relation, nose and chin relation, as well as forehead nose relations. These are all very important correlations that ultimately define facial balance and harmony.”

“Every patient and every plastic surgeon has their own sense of aesthetics,” says Dr. Potparic. “Something that bothers one person, like a small nose hump and broad nose tip, may not be visible to anybody else but that person. That is the way we see ourselves in our own eyes and that is what matters regardless of what other people may think about it. If there is a visible anatomic deformity and the patient is aware of it – one has to make an effort to understand it and treat it if possible.”


In the end, Dr. Potparic’s ethos was clear. The answer to the question, “Is my nose beautiful?” is in the eye of the beholder. There are many different ideas about how the nose should look. What is most important is your health and how you feel about you! The goal is this: to keep an open discussion on plastic surgery and educate ourselves on the opportunities for better health and being the best version of ourselves possible. Learn more about whether or not you should get a nose job from our plastic surgery experts. Contact the friendly staff at Dr. Zoran Potparic’s office to learn more about corrective nose surgery and rhinoplasty.

Page updated on June 30, 2020.