How Long Does Anesthesia Last?

How Long Does Anesthesia Last?

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How Long Does Anesthesia Last?

The question of “how long does anesthesia last” has been posed by countless patients who have undergone many different types of cosmetic surgeries, and rightfully so, knowing what goes into making your safe surgery possible is important. It is because of this that the team at Dr. Zoran Potparic, the premier provider of Fort Lauderdale plastic surgery procedures, has created this quick guide for patients looking to better understand anesthesia. Here you will learn not only the length of time you can expect to be under while having anesthesia used for your procedure but also exactly what it is and how it works. Our team is dedicated to every patient feeling secure during the course of their cosmetic surgery and knows that providing vital information about important aspects of the experience is important.


Why Anesthesia Awareness Is Important

Before tackling the more specific and straightforward question of “how long does anesthesia last,” it is important to first address the actual drug and how you can better understand everything that goes into it. Anesthesia is a tool for patient safety in surgery positions, it does this in many distinct ways, and it can vary depending on which of the several types of anesthesia is used during the course of your cosmetic procedure. These types include:

  • General Anesthesia: You will be unconscious and have no awareness of what is going on while under the influence of this anesthesia variant. 
  • Regional Anesthesia: Is used to numb the body and prevent feelings of pain during the course of the operation. 
  • Local Anesthesia: This variant is usually injected and will affect a specific body part or area of the patient. They will not be unconscious.
  • Twilight Anesthesia: Twilight anesthesia is used to make a patient woozy or drowsy typically. But sedation is possible with proper dosing.

The different anesthesia types for surgery are important to understand if you are about to undergo a procedure at our South Florida center for cosmetic surgery for a variety of reasons relating to comfort with the operation and transparency. Knowing what to expect is often the best way to put minds at ease and ensure that all parties involved in the surgery are satisfied with the end result. 


How Long Does Anesthesia Last for Plastic Surgery?

Now that you have the information needed to ask the proper questions when undergoing a plastic surgery procedure, you can inquire about the kind of anesthesia you will be receiving. If you are given a sedative form of anesthesia, you can expect the drug to remain in your system for roughly twenty-four hours; in many cases, you could be unconscious for the entire time and will need to remain under supervision of some kind during this period.  It is also generally common not to be completely unconscious for this extended period of time, but you can expect there to be at least some impairment in motor function during this time and should not operate vehicles of any kind until you are completely back to normal. One of the best things about anesthesia is that it is incredibly fast-acting, meaning that you will fall asleep and wake up once the drug has worn off and feel as though nothing more than a few seconds have passed. Wondering “how long does anesthesia last” may be more complicated than many would believe, but the important thing to keep in mind is that the drug is safe to use in practically all cosmetic operations. And when you have an expert surgeon providing the operational service, you are sure to be satisfied with the process of surgery and the end results!


A Provider of Plastic Surgery Fort Lauderdale Can Rely On

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