Examining the Safety of Twilight Anesthesia

Examining the Safety of Twilight Anesthesia

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The Safety of Twilight Anesthesia

When in the process of planning out your cosmetic surgery procedure with a South Florida cosmetic surgeon, you are likely to hear some terms thrown around that you may not be familiar with, such as twilight anesthesia. These terms can cause some confusion among patients and lead to them not truly knowing what the product is and how it will affect them. Thankfully, Dr. Zoran Potparic and his team pride themselves on their transparency and their capacity as professionals in plastic surgery Fort Lauderdale can trust.

Below our team presents an explanation regarding all things related to twilight anesthesia, such as what it is, the safety of the product, and if there are any twilight anesthesia side effects to be aware of. Our team prides itself on transparency and gives an explanation here for all things related to this commonly used surgical technique. So, is twilight anesthesia safe?


What Is Twilight Anesthesia?

Before investigating the broader topic of how safe twilight anesthesia is, it is important for all current, future, or potential patients to understand what the technique is and how it can be used for surgery. Twilight anesthesia is like other forms of anesthesia in that it is meant to numb or render a patient unconscious. This is done so that the experts in our Fort Lauderdale plastic surgery center can conduct the procedure while the patient does not experience any pain from the process. Unlike other forms of anesthesia, such as local (which is focused on a certain area) or general anesthesia, twilight anesthesia is more focused on reducing the patient’s experience in the surgery as much as possible.  

This is done by putting the patient not only into a state where they can not feel anything but also to the point where they are put into an artificial sleep. This means that patients will be unable to feel pain and will simply sleep through the entire process. In most instances, when they are done, they will feel as though they suddenly woke up and will have no recollection of the immediate events before the surgery or the coming moments after it. Many people consider this to be the most comfortable way to undergo surgery and often have had quicker recoveries from using this form of anesthetic as opposed to others. 


How Safe Is Twilight Anesthesia?

Now that twilight anesthesia is hopefully no longer a mystery to some patients who have either had it used during their procedure or have been informed that it will be used, it is time to discuss the safety of this practice. One of the main questions regarding this form of anesthetic becomes “is twilight anesthesia safer than general?” and the answer is yes! Twilight anesthesia is safer for patients as a reduction of pain and injury because patient involvement is as limited as possible and can stop some of the worst side effects and unwanted results of surgeries. But are there any side effects of twilight anesthesia to be aware of?

Although side effects don’t happen often, and most cosmetic surgeries go through without the anesthetic causing any issues, there have been reports of patients suffering from nausea, feeling cold or itchy, or faintness accompanied by dizziness. These side effects are worth noting when investigating if twilight anesthesia is right for you. Typically, these side effects do not last for very long, and patients are back to feeling like their normal selves shortly after. 


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