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A 32 year old cosmetic surgery patient from Miami came to our Cosmetic Surgery Center in Ft. Lauderdale for a consultation regarding cheek augmentation. He had a chin augmentation with chin implant many years ago. He wanted an enlargement of the cheek in order to create more balanced face. After in-person consultation and discussion about patient desires and expectations we selected medium size silicone implants after trying a series of different shape and size cheek implants.

Surgery was done using twilight anesthesia in our office based plastic surgery center. Using incisions inside of the mouth,  sizer implants were placed first to find optimal implant size and shape; once implant size and shape was confirmed we placed solid silicone cheek implants into dissected pocket just over the cheek bones. Incisions inside the mouth were closed with absorbable sutures.

Patient had moderate swelling for 2-3 weeks, which is occasionally seen with patient after cheek augmentation with implants. Once facial swelling subsided a symmetric, balanced cheek enlargement was achieved.

Before and after photos show  improved facial balance and harmony after cheek implant augmentation with medium size submalar cheek implants.

Age: 33
Gender: Male