Facelift vs. Fillers Effects

Facelift vs. Fillers Effects

A woman before and after a facelifft

The Effects of Facelifts vs. Fillers

Facelift or fillers for your youth rejuvenation process? This question has been posed by many of those who seek treatment with cosmetic surgery professionals. While seeking plastic surgery in Fort Lauderdale, many want to know which would be the best option for them. Dr. Zoran Potparic, the best plastic surgeon in Fort Lauderdale, addresses the question of facelift vs. fillers for anyone who may be investigating their options between surgery or facelift injections. Our team of cosmetic surgery experts has years of experience practicing in the field. We are always ready to share additional information whenever it could be beneficial to current or future patients.

Effects to Expect from the Best Face Fillers

If you’re considering the more subtle injections as opposed to the full-blown surgery when pondering between facelift vs. fillers for your next cosmetic surgery, then you need to know when each works best. Fillers are a great way to subtly maintain your face and keep it safe from the natural aging process. It is seen as a management system as opposed to a full-scale operation.

This means a few things. First, you will be getting some effect of a facelift without surgery concerns or potential inconvenience. Also, you may find yourself having to get the fillers done routinely to maintain a consistent effect. There is a way to get these amazing de-aging effects faster and with longer-lasting satisfaction, and that would be through a facelift operation.

Why Consider Facelift Surgery?

When it comes to analyzing a surgery for facelift vs. fillers through injections, the main reason that people opt for the former is that it will provide more noticeable results immediately and for longer than their easier-to-maintain counterparts. A facelift is able to remove years off of your face and will revert the skin to its previously tight appearance immediately. On top of that, a facelift is great for those who never had fillers done in their younger years and are feeling the effects of father time on their face now.

Whichever you decide between fillers vs. surgery, be sure to get it done right. Have your surgery done by an expert cosmetic surgeon with decades of experience in boosting the self-image and confidence of patients.


The Best Among the Top Plastic Surgeons in Fort Lauderdale

The Potparic plastic surgery team of cosmetic surgeons has years of experience in providing de-aging facelift surgeries and facelifts with injections of fillers. We would be proud to be of service next time you decide to have a procedure done. Take a look at some of our previous work to decide what procedure would be perfect for you!

Interested in learning more? Get in touch with our team today to speak to them directly about anything from facelift recovery time to liposuction pricing. If you are interested in more insights from professionals in the field, be sure to read some of our team’s other articles to get the full scoop today.


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