Guide to Butt Reduction Surgery

Guide to Butt Reduction Surgery

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Butt Reduction Surgery Guide

Many surgeries for the buttocks are popular among people considering cosmetic surgery procedures in Fort Lauderdale. One that has been gaining more traction as of late is the trend of butt reduction surgery. But what exactly is this surgery to make buttocks smaller? And what can you expect from both the procedure and recovery? To answer these questions, Dr. Zoran Potparic, the leader among plastic surgeons in Fort Lauderdale, and his team have come together and created this quick introductory guide to the plastic surgery procedure. If you are considering undergoing butt reduction surgery but wish to know more, this guide is the perfect place to start.


What Is Buttock Reduction Surgery?

Surgery for butt reductions is named perfectly. It says in plain English what the procedure’s end goal is, making the rear end of a patient smaller. But understanding what exactly this procedure will entail is a must.

In essence, a procedure to reduce the size of the buttock will work for both fat and implanted buttock regions. In the case of fat, the fat will be removed, similar to how liposuction for buttocks procedures works.

Removing an implant is a similar procedure. After the excess fat or unwanted implant has been removed, the focus will then go towards shaping the skin and neighboring areas with fat in order to achieve the most desirable appearance.

But how can you expect the surgery to be conducted, and what will the recovery process be like after you’ve undergone your butt reduction surgery?


How Buttocks Reduction Surgery Works

The process of butt reduction surgery will be very similar to breast implant removal or localized liposuction, depending on what it is that you are removing. After you remove fat from buttocks surgeries, however, you will have to spend some time in recovery.

Everyone’s body is different. With that said, it is worth noting that the recovery time to full comfort and mobility could vary from person to person, but there are some guidelines to follow for the generally accepted waiting period. It is recommended that at least 5 days be taken off from work following your procedure. This is because you will want to have recovered your ability to sit with comfort completely before resuming the regular parts of your life.

On top of this, it is important to note that you should try to take a break from all strenuous physical activity for a time. Do not start living an active lifestyle until you are completely safe, comfortable, and prepared. The most important tip to remember is that you don’t want to undergo this surgery with the help of just any doctor. Instead, you should be going to the top physician for cosmetic procedures in Fort Lauderdale!


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The Dr. Zoran Potparic plastic surgery team is proud to be a part of an expert medical team that can conduct cosmetic surgeries with ease and safety in front of their minds. Get in touch with the doctor today to learn more about butt reduction surgery options, or see our full list of procedures to get the full scope of what our team can offer. Be sure to also read some of our other articles to get further insight into all things cosmetic surgery.


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