• Calf Implants


A 25-year-old Boca Raton cosmetic surgery patient came to our Ft. Lauderdale cosmetic surgery office for consult regarding the shape of her calfs.  She thought that her calfs are “too thin and lacking definition, in particular the inside aspect of my legs”. She wanted to maintain her “skinny looking legs” bat she wanted a mild enlargement and shape in the inner aspect  her legs.

Preoperative evaluation in our plastic surgery office confirmed patient’s own evaluation; proportionally developed slender legs the were lacking a muscle bulk in the inside aspect of leg due to lack of muscle bulk (hypoplastic, undeveloped muscle belly) (left). We discussed calf augmentation using silicone calf implants in order to create a subtle calf shape correction.

In general anesthesia we placed silicone calf implants in the inner aspect of the legs, on top of the underdeveloped muscle belly in order to create bulk and shape of normal muscle.  Calf implants were placed using a horizontal 7 cm. incision hidden in the knee crease.

Before calf implants surgery (left) and 6 months after calf augmentation and shaping with silicone implants (right).

Notice a minimal change in the size of legs but subtle improvement of shape and bulk of the inner aspect of legs.

Surgery was done in general anesthesia

Back view before surgery for calf enlargement and contouring demonstrated a lack of shape and definition of muscles in the inner aspect of the legs. Preoperative markings demonstrate a planned position of calf implants which will be placed on top of the muscle belly to increase bulk and create shape of normally developed muscle (left).

Patient is shown 6 months after placement of calf implants to correct shape of the legs (right). Notice a very subtle change in contour of the muscles. This is exactly what patient had in mind. Her scar is still fresh and it will fade away within 1-1.5 years after surgery.


Age: 25
Gender: Female